USC Needs To Borrow Page From Georgia On Tight Ends

It’s kind of ironic that five-star tight end Duce Robinson might sign with USC when the Trojans didn’t really use the tight end much last season.

Malcolm Epps, who is considered the most athletic tight end, caught three passes last season. Josh Falo caught four passes. Lake McRee caught 10 passes.

Maybe Lincoln Riley is promising a bigger role but Robinson but USC has not taken advantage of its tight ends for years. It would be a welcome change if Robinson changes that.

Georgia, who is Robinson’s other choice, had two tight ends (Brock Bowers, Darnell Washington) among its top receivers. Bowers was the Bulldogs’ leading receiver with 63 catches for 942 yards and seven TDs.


51 thoughts on “USC Needs To Borrow Page From Georgia On Tight Ends

  1. What is Scott’s goal. To encourage USC recruits not to sign with USC? Why does this guy have a “inside USC” blog when apparently he roots for the demise of USC football. No wonder Kiffin banned him from USC practices and press conferences. On his off days, does he go to LAX and root for bad landings.

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      1. I know that Scott has a certain style of reporting and that style at times is critical of aspects of USC sports. That is fine. But when your reporting encourages a sought after player to go to Georgia over USC that crosses the line. If you want USC football to fail, you should not be spending your time reporting on them. It is akin to the college professor who for 25 years taught Shakespeare while asserting that Shakespeare was not all that talented and likely plaguerized his work.

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    1. Funny!….. “On his off days, does he go to LAX and root for bad landings.”

      I think wolf finally shot his load toward the end of the PC era. I know Pete gave him the middle finger, probably more than once.

      Wolf is a hemorrhoid that keeps hovering around


      1. Very true- we know that they haven’t been leveraging the tight end position much in the last 10 years, but come on Wolfy we need good mojo – not Eeyore the Donkey always doling out the gaps in the program. Unreal


  2. c’mon john,u nead to be beter then this,u sez we gotta borow page frum jorja but than dont evin menshun wut he do thare and evin if we can borow him or fir how long,it aint like u to be slopey jurnalissed,smdh

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    1. Since you were missing “polliticks” earlier today, Ed.

      “71% of Americans in the latest [left leaning] NBC News poll say the country is headed in the wrong direction. It’s the eighth time in the last nine NBC News surveys dating back to Oct. 2021 when the wrong track has been above 70%. The one exception was in Sept. 2022, when it was 68%.”

      “We have never before seen this level of sustained pessimism in the 30-year-plus history of the poll, including during the 1992 recession or the Great Recession of 2008.”

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      1. Sadly, politics on both sides have devolved enormously. Too many in politics who are social media influencers, and not enough who care about being a public servant, forming sensible consensus, and moving the ball forward.

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  3. Perhaps Mr “Inside” needs to borrow a page from On3 or 247 and report on real stuff. I am more and more convinced this blogster is an idiot with a bunch of people strung out on his schtick. But then most on here either disagree or make fun of him. Maybe if I call him a t o o l enough times I will get banned. Now there’s a heartbreak.

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    1. Steve,…..On3 and 247 are the so-called “fanboy media” and wolf is the voice of reason. My little buddy accepts wolf’s words as Gospel.


  4. Oh Mercy Nurse, another outbreak of “Who are you kidding Scott Wolf”

    Well Scott has made a living being “controversial” with SC football
    It sells Blog-space for crying out loud, so who would not be tempted to take on our Wolfie with our own contrary opinions,
    As Scottie races to the bank with his “well-earned” Advertisement-monies

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    1. So cal ….. let me drop a big turd on your cut-and-paste rant. These are emotion-based opinion polls. I hope you went and study the word “opinion” and examples of its uses, like I asked of you, because you have been confusing it with another word “fact”.

      Hard data says the country is heading in the right direction. For Example, the GDP for 2022 was 3.1%(trump never broke 3%) unemployment is at a 50-year low, wage growth is at a level not seen in decades, gas prices are nearing pre-pandemic levels, rent prices have stabilized, used car prices are facing decline, and adjusted inflation is ticking down. I could go on and on.

      The same NBC polling has Biden’s approval rating at 45%, what a coincidence, Obama was polling at 45% right before he won election. Hillary was flavored by a landside, Trump’s internal polling had him winning reelection, and emotional opinion polling showed a red wave coming(too funny).

      My point is, this type of poll is not worth the weight of the paper it was printed on.


      1. The National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism review claims that the biggest threat to the country are groups who are aligned with conservative Republican ideology. An incredibly biased organization CHOOSES to ignore the threat posed by Antifa and BLM and he claims it’s fact based.

        Talk about not being able to distinguish between opinion and fact! LMAO

        The majority of people in the country do not like the direction we’re headed. Whether or not you agree with them doesn’t make their opinion irrelevant. It’s VERY relevant, no matter how much you try to bs your way around it.

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      2. Antifa and BLM are forms of idealogy, not domestic terror groups…not my words, this comes from the FBI…..Dude, you really need to get educated on this stuff….I can’t take you seriously.

        You fucking mental midget, it’s obvious you failed to read the report yet claim to be an expert on it. They called out legitimate organized groups not a person’s way of thinking or beliefs……How fucking stupid can you be….

        Slo troll: “It’s VERY relevant,”

        In correlation to what?…..the price of your diapers.

        Dude, your rebuttal was weak, Give it up, you’re out of your league…try two floors down



      3. DUDE, YOU CAN’T BRING A CAP GUN TO A SHOOTOUT…It’s like taking candy from a baby

        You proved once again to lack the intellect to debate yourself out of a paper….go ahead and claim victory….typical of a narcissist…. Winner winner chicken dinner!


      4. “Antifa is merely an ideology.” They wrote it, so it must be true.

        Uh-huh. And Joe’s documents are secure because they’re in the garage next to his Corvette. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!

        Bottom line is you’re ridiculous enough to argue the original point about the country being headed in the wrong direction. But cry about it some more, throw in more juvenile insults and that will mean it isn’t so. In your mind anyway. LOL


      5. This rebuttal is even weaker than your first one….. you’re failing badly when it comes to debunking anything… it advanced age to just plain stupidity…tell me


  5. Georgia has done such a phenomenal job with wide receivers that they are guaranteed to be drafted high in the NFL . . .Georgia tight ends get the ball because the offensive coordinator Todd Monken trusts them more than the 1st round running backs that come from Georgia? No first round draft picks under Kirby Smart for running backs? Georgia has two ESPN 300 tight ends already and a new quarterback plus Walker Lyons is thinking about joining? Wolf wants USC to be like that?

    Wolf is being fishy again.


  6. If we manage to sign this kid, Scott will be on the fanboy media. If we miss signing this kid, Scott will blame the lack of recruiting prowess on Riley Caesar II. USC football the gift which never stops giving.

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    1. As Michael has said, she’s firmly committed to going down with a sinking ship. Doesn’t care how foolish she looks trying to defend it.

      And as always, will respond with…But. But. But Trump!! LMAO

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      1. slo troll: “As Michael has said, she’s firmly committed to going down with a sinking ship. Doesn’t care how foolish she looks trying to defend it.”

        WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!…he was talking about the 2020 mid-terms and that Dems were going to get crushed at the ballot box. Another fucking example where you failed to comprehend the context of his statement.

        I am glad you posted his comment because you made yourself look like a major fucking idiot. As we all know, you were standing in the trailer park parking lot waiting for the red wave, and BAAAAAAAM!!!!! ….the blue came and sunk YOUR ship……you need to think more before you post shit that’s going to get your crotch kicked in….just saying

        By the way, I don’t think MG would appreciate you miss-quoting him. He doesn’t get down in the weeds like you by referring to someone as a female when he knows the person is a male.

        Well slo troll, it looks like “back to the drawing board” and trying to find another way to attack me that actually has some teeth to it.

        PS….wipe the drool


      2. Yeah, only the entire country had predicted a significant change in the composition of Congress following the midterms. What was I thinking?

        But speaking of predictions, how’s that “Trump soon being in an orange jump suit” working out for you? LOL


      3. Slo troll: Yeah, only the entire country had predicted a significant change in the composition of Congress following the midterms. What was I thinking?

        What exactly were you thinking?…I can’t read your mind…..please speak up and clear your confusion. We all know you lack to basic intellect to craft a reasonable response… other words, never mind it’s beyond your ability.

        Speaking of orange jumpsuits….your king, who you bent the knee for, is in panic mode and running from the law as he is well aware the walls are closing in on him….RELAX!!!!!! all good things take time

        Perhaps this might help you clear your confusion….the night you were out looking for the red wave…..It never came…so sad!


      4. Personal attacks and the same lame cartoon she’s used a dozen times. Love it!

        Expect diapers, outhouse, drool, etcetera next, cuz she’s got nothing else! LOL

        Have a great day, Gabriela!


      5. More fucking crying and whining… fucking crying about the same shit you’re guilty of doing….are you too senile to comprehend?….. WHAT THE FUCK CAN IT BE…I hate to use the word retarded, but what else can it be…

        I crushed all your arguments then you deflect by changing the narrative to something unrelated and then narcissism comes out with you claiming victory when you actually got your crotch kicked in…..

        I am sure you have no friends and relatives hiding from you because you argue with everyone who tells you the truth……That is called narcissistic behavior


    1. “How dare you mention Bidenflation! Anyone who does must be living on Social Security.” (As if those who are don’t matter.)

      I give you, the Village Idiot.


      1. you stupid idiot….the WH has nothing to do with inflation, nor did Joe reach for the magic dial that somehow spiked inflation….It’s the job of the “Fed” to tame inflation, not the WH…..dude, please get educated you sound like a moron….


      2. Yeah, says someone who thinks diapers, outhouses & such are funny. Always a hypocrite. Thanks for proving it AGAIN.


      3. You just don’t get it….you’re a little sideshow to me and are treated accordingly….when you repeatedly made perverted and sexual comments about members of my family you crossed the line…I just can’t un-remember that disgusting behavior from you….Many men would give you an ass whipping for talking like that, I sure in the fuck would…so don’t fucking cry about how innocent you are.


    2. Speaking of war, CR. Did you see that Iran is sending a couple of warships to the Panama Canal, in a show of force against the U.S. They have never been in the canal before.

      This has absolutely nothing to do with weakness being in the White House and nothing to do with us being ill prepared to deal with multiple conflicts.

      According to a recent study, “We would run out of key long-range, precision-guided munitions in less than one week,” if a conflict with China were to break out.

      But hey, we are headed in the right direction, no matter what anyone says! LOL

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  7. The US has the Navy’s 5th fleet parked in their front yard. So it is really a threat that Iranian navy ships can sail and dock in the Americas? The moment the situation goes hot, those Iranian ships will be sunk

    The right-wing media has shaped this paradigm because that’s how they convince a simpleton like you to think one way. You look stupid posting something so fucking lame. Where’s your brain?


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