USC Morning Buzz: It’s Signing Day*

It’s Signing Day!

Cornerback Rodrick Pleasant of Serra High School in Gardena will announce around 10:30 a.m. PT. It seems to be a USC-Oregon battle.

Four-star tight end Walker Lyons, who originally committed to Stanford but changed his mind after David Shaw resigned, will sign his letter at 4 p.m. PT. Lyons broke his leg in August. He is considering USC, Georgia, Utah and maybe Stanford.

One thing about Lyons. He is expected to go on a Mormon mission.

USC and Georgia are both vying for Lyons and No. 1 tight end Duce Robinson.

Wide receiver Ja’Kobi Lane wwill be signing his letter of itent with USC at 11:45 a.m. PT.

There’s been some chatter about USC and safety Warren Roberson. He is committed to TCU and also considering Texas. Roberson will announce at 7 a.m. PT.

UPDATED: Roberson has delayed his decision and it’s not expected today.


14 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: It’s Signing Day*

  1. I believe Tom Brady used up all of his college eligibility at Michigan, but no harm in trying to bulldoze the guy onto the SC roster although Tom probably would be playing behind ‘Celeb’

    It is off-putting to have these high school teenagers put on a t.v. show as to where they are headed to college, but it is here to stay so I may as well accept how a kid might want his 15-minutes of “fame”

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  2. So Walker Lyons broke his leg and will now go on a two year mission. He will have a three year absence from football and then attempt to compete with guys who have gotten bigger, stronger, faster, and become more experienced blockers and pass catchers over that same period. This does not bode well. Think Korey Foremen. Pass on Walker.


    1. Yeah, one would think that. But, I lived in Utah and the BIG THREE OL that year were John Martinez, who went to USC, Vynce Jones, who went to Utah and Xavier Su’a -Filo, who went to UCLA. Filo did his mission and was the only one of the three who panned out and then turned pro, so you never know.

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  3. Nothing wrong with Walker going out n a mission. It’s a huge adventure and I’m sure that young man will return more worldly and mature and he’ll be able to handle anything that the bright lights of USC football have. I know that football teaches life lessons and life is the ultimate team sport. But life also teaches football lessons too


    1. USC loses another kid from the area to Oregon.
      The Ducks own USC or should I say Phil owns USC lately.
      If they have a better guy waiting now would be the time to replace Donte Williams. You can’t sell a kid on USC FOOTBALL & USC TRACK???


  4. If he does his mission in the Ozarks he may come away in better shape. Riding a 10 speed and running from rednecks might be considered good conditioning. Anyway the experience has the advantage of causing growth and maturity. I don’t think is should be a problem


  5. You morons sound like Owns. It’s Grinch. The D is trash and recruits aren’t trying to get caught up. Grinch should have been replaced with Jim Leonhard.

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