USC Saturday Buzz: Pac-12 Plugs Recruiting

The Pac-12 might be losing USC and UCLA and owe Comcast $50 million but recruiting is going great!

Just look at this recap of Signing Day:


26 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: Pac-12 Plugs Recruiting

  1. ugh,itz so troo john,poeples onley shud fockus on the neguhtiv,cuz bein pahsutiv iz so uhnoyying,sored like how we aint evr talk abowt how grate r vise preznint iz,noap onley menshun wen she maiks silley miss taiks,smdh

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    1. Ed, I know that you and Missus Ed and all of us are able to sleep better at night knowing that the second-in-line to POTUS is Kamala.

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      1. Gee MG, while you’re gumming poi and chugging Promo in Hawaii, Kamala was elected the first female U.S.V.P., after a successful career as California’s AG… That’s hardly the definition of not SUCCeeding.

        Kamala is not a clone of Mickey “SUCC Up” Pence, or worse, Danny “I can count to five w/o using my fingers” Quayle.

        #Cue: Jim Nabors’ “Back Home In Indiana”


    2. So, Ed, you think ‘peoples’ only focus on the negative because being positive is so annoying, well there was a time when some American entrepreneurs put together a newspaper with nothing but good news, and their company went bankrupt belly-up 4-months later


  2. Thanks for the funnies, fellas. Speculation on Uncle Phil’s mortality was delicious (especially with the insinuation of a Sam Gilbert -type collapse of Duck athletics) prelude for Oregon.

    Look, the Pac 12 can cheerlead all they want about thirsty topics like “we got the kids in our playground” but the fact of the matter is getting Deion Sanders was the Wakanda-Vibranium gift they will need after Lanning leaves for Georgia. Where’s Kirby going you ask? Why to scratch that NFL itch with the Atlanta Falcons!

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  3. I can’t believe they forgot to mention that the best “Inside Blog” comes from the Pac 12. Where else can you get such inside info as, “Open the students gate early,” in his ten things USC needs to do to win, or these classic takes, “let Chuma be Chuma,” “a PAC 12 coach told me”, or “an NFL scout told me.”
    Scott gets no respect from his peers!

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      1. My Dear Friend Owns… You really need to have a word or two with the San Francisco D. A.s and lawyers in the California A.G.’s office who worked with her to get a clearer picture of how Kamala is viewed in the legal community….


  4. Yes, Michael, it is genius how Wolf tickles-up topic after topic that sucks in even the SW-haters

    And let us not forget the good times SC had in the Pac-12; I will have to make one last trek in October to Eugene when SC takes on the Oregon Ducks for the last time, perhaps never to meet again except maybe in some round-robin playoffs.

    And sucla-SC will still have a Pac-12 feel, but you can have Stanford and Cal as the Trojans coolly view them only in their rear-view mirror

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    1. Good point, John… Let’s not forget the good times we had in the Pac 12…trips to Stanford, Cal, Oregon and Arizona …and many classic games!


  5. USC better get their defense together or they could lose a number of games next year. Offensively, I don’t see any weaknesses. But George Kliavekove gave USC the middle finger on its way out. The last 6 games of next season are brutal. I don’t think that there is another school in the nation with a tougher 6 game stretch. That was a deliberate attempt to ruin SC’s last season in the Pac-12. I still think we should have moved on from Grinch.


  6. So MG, reading your assessment of Kamala can I assume she’s viewed as an example of the Peter Principle? She blew the highest Peter in the office until she got noticed. She gets promoted by moving up the Peter ladder and her staff keeps her knees well padded.
    (Note to Kamala supporters please see this in jest it was offered about a person I have never met and have little care to meet.)


    1. Ghost — I don’t know how Kamala became D. A. other than the fact voters in San Francisco are real ‘not smart’. Same goes for California Attorney General — she took all the big cities [which are filled to capacity with low information voters].
      Bright spot? By the time she ran for President, voters were on to her. Her poll numbers were lousy and getting lousier when she dropped out. [And were it not for our braindead president she’d have never been heard from again]….


      1. For comparison, do you think Donald J. Trump relied on low information voters the one time he was elected President?


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