If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

Former USC cornerback Justin Wyatt is the new football coach at Highland High School in Palmdale.

  • The NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum returns Sunday, which means the field is an asphalt track. Will it draw the same crowd of nearly 60,000 in Year 2?
  • There was major rationalizing going on this week regarding Signing Day. The L.A. Times had a headline, “UCLA and USC fans should feel good about their recruiting haul despite their rankings.”

What kind of spin is this?

Do Georgia and Alabama fans have to feel good “despite their rankings.” Does the Times need to cover for USC and UCLA? It was a shocking headline, to say the least. You either have a great recruiting class or you do not.

  • And now for some history:

This is a photo of Earle Meadows and actress/model Jinx Falkenburg during her USO tour of China, Burma and India during World War II.

Now for the many USC connections: Meadows was a world-class pole vaulter at USC, winning the gold medal at the 1936 Olympics. His winning vault is featured in Leni Riefenstahl‘s film Olympia.

Meadows and fellow USC pole vaulter Bill Sefton were nicknamed “The Heavenly Twins” because if they went any higher, they would need angels’ wings. They shared the NCAA title in 1935 and 1936 in the pole vault.

Did you know all three U.S. pole vaulters at the 1936 Olympics were Trojans: Meadows, Sefton and Bill Graber.

Meadows won the gold medal in the Berlin Olympics and Sefton tied for second. Graber finished fourth at the 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles.

Now Falkenburg also had USC connections: Her brother, Bob Falkenburg, won the NCAA singles’ and doubles’ titles in tennis at USC in 1946. Bob won the Wimbledon singles’ title in 1948 and won the doubles’ title with Jack Kramer in 1947.

Bob’s brother, Tom Falkenburg, was his partner at USC when they won the 1946 NCAA doubles’ title.

If you ever go to Brazil, you might see a fast-food chain named Bob’s. There are more 800 locations in the country. Bob Falkenburg started “Bob’s” in 1952 and sold it in 1972.

In 1941, Jinx was the highest-paid model in the United States, and was considered by many the first American supermodel. It wasn’t all smooth sailing. In 1965, Tom was arrested on two different occasions for armed robbery and served at least six years in prison.

  • Last week, I posted video of USC fans tearing down the goal posts at the end of the 1939 Rose Bowl.

But it’s worth revisiting the ending of the game in more detail.

Duke entered the 1939 Rose Bowl undefeated and did not allow a point entering the game. USC trailed 3-0 with two minutes left when fourth-string quarterback/tailback Doyel Nave entered the game.

Nave threw four straight passes to “Antelope” Al Krueger, who made the game-winning TD catch (above) by putting a move on Duke’s future College Football Hall of Famer Eric Tipton to score with 40 seconds left. Those were the only points Duke allowed all season and USC fans tore both goal posts down after the game.

The best part is how Nave entered the game. USC assistant coach Joe Wilensky manned the telephone on the sideline to assistant coaches Sam Barry, Julie Bescos and Bob McNeish in the pressbox. The trio started down to the field so Wilensky pretended he was on the phone and they suggested Nave enter the game. “Send in Nave and have him throw it to Krueger,” Wilensky shouted.

Coach Howard Jones agreed and the rest is history.

  • Here’s the bio of former USC point guard Robert Pack in the Dallas Mavericks’ media guide.
  • Speaking of early 1990’s Trojans, wide receiver Travis Hannah celebrated his birthday this week.
  • Did you ever see the 1962 movie, “The Three Stooges Meet Hercules.” The pictures below are of the Siamese Cyclops, Ajax and Argo.

And under the makeup and costumes are USC All-Americans Mike and Marlin McKeever. Hollywood roles were easy to get for USC football players.

  • Former USC and major-league star Fred Lynn was also a wide receiver at El Monte High School.

He celebrates his 71st birthday today.

  • I’m guessing this is the happiest Lynn Swann ever felt until he played 18 holes at Augusta National Golf Course.


It’s the 1970 Rose Bowl between USC and Michigan. It’s worth watching the beginning to see the USC players in suits and ties. And how closely the fans sat on the field in those days at the Rose Bowl.


121 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

    1. Lincoln Riley had a lousy recruiting class considering it’s USC, he came in with high expectations in that department, but so far he’s been average at best bringing in the 5 star high school recruit. Like Clay Helton, he ignores the type of athlete that would control the line of scrimmage, and even after watching how Georgia dominated TCU. Good luck in the physical Big Ten Pal !! 😂😂.

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      1. Totally agree, but Riley seems to use the portal to fill his OL & DL, maybe that’s the way to do it now, who knows, but he sure hasn’t attracted the top D talent in So Cal, but that’s where NIL comes in a and SC doesn’t seem to want to be a big player in that, college football is a a mess.

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      2. How would you know what he ignores? Perhaps he offered 4 and 5 star players and they went either local or chased the money like Pleasant did.

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      3. Are you familiar with demographics and geography? If not, it will blow your mind that certain types of players tend to come from certain parts of the Country that are nowhere near Southern California.


    1. Another fun Friday edition. Where else do you get “it wasn’t all smooth sailing for Tom Falkenburg –he was arrested 2 times for Armed Robbery” …and….a photo of his wife, Jinx, in what looks like Carol Folt’s Commencement uniform….and… videos of USC vs. Duke which remind everybody how many more points we score [while losing] today.
      The Three Stooges Meet Hercules is the Citizen Kane of Hercules movies — better even than The Simpsons version [“Welcome to our spaceship, Mighty Hercules!”]….

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      1. Yeah, we’re gonna have to check that movie out soon. Sounds silly of course, but entertaining. I’ve never heard of it prior to this.

        So much garbage on TV these days, especially remakes!

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  1. Declaring Jinx a super-model proves that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

    So Scott is sore because the L.A. Times put a positive spin on SC’s recruiting class. No worries, we come to you for the ‘Wolf-spin’

    –And so Duke gives up no points all season before the Rose Bowl– that does not sound like riveting football

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      1. Klatt is a clown…the is always throwing back-hand compliments at USC football indirectly looking for their demise. He rode Caleb hard up until the national media walls started closing in on him as Caleb was clearly emerging as the Heisman frontrunner. So he pulls a 180 and becomes his #1 fan.

        My point was, no one was buying his Caleb bashing anymore!


    1. “Falkenburg appeared on over 200 magazine covers and in some 1,500 commercial advertisements in the 1930s and 1940s.[6][7] She was considered to be one of the most beautiful women of that era, known for her All-American-Girl athletic good looks. The New Yorker magazine said she “possessed one of the most photogenic faces and frames in the Western world”.[8] The New York World-Telegram said her face was seen more often and in more places than any other woman in the country.” Some people just have better eyes than you…


      1. Before you smack one’s opinion smackyd realize that matters concerning music, art and what is an attractive woman are subjective not absolutes, and so you and I disagree on what is a good-looking woman which is not unusual among men, but what is unusual is how you feel compelled to prove you have superior taste


    2. Klatt is such a clown that he was one of the ones calling for Helton’s head years before you guys on here were.
      You were all bought the nice guy, Air Raid, JT Daniels/ Bru McCoy Kool-Aid. IIRC Klatt turned in Helton for good when Helton didn’t give Jack Sears a chance b/c “his hands were tied” by JT Daniel’s Dad and The abusive coach at Mater Dei. Klatt went to practices and said Daniels was a clown and Helton was a clown for thinking he was better than Sears. Klatt also railed Helton for not using Pittman long before Pittman’s dad ripped Helton on Twitter and Helton started starting him. So yeah, Klatt is a clown. Try a mirror.


      1. Oh, now I see, I hadn’t read you before smackyd but it is obvious you have an inferiority complex that you attempt to cover-up by insulting anybody who you disagree with. As Joan Rivers was inclined to say,
        “Grow up!”


      2. Idk man. 200 hundred covers and 1500 ad campaigns sure sounds like the people who used models thought she was pretty super. And you no why people use models? To get people to buy their stuff! So the idea that that there’s not an objective meaning of the word supermodel is asinine.

        Learn to pronounce
        a successful fashion model who has reached the status of a celebrity.

        Take it up with the dictionary dude.


      3. No one ever believed Heltonska had any talent – he was seen as a 1 year replacement and then foolishly Haden gave him that 3 year deal against any real 3rd party assessment of his skill set.

        The worst head coach USC ever hired – winner of the ‘William Bendix Look-alike-contest’ Clay Heltonska

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      1. What’s really interesting, Biden pulled this country’s economy out of the gutter and taken it beyond levels not seen in many decades….the numbers don’t lie. Added another 517k jobs in January, prediction was 188k. These are numbers trump could only dream of. Yet impeachment is the better answer…..Real head-scratcher

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      2. Biden pulled the economy out of the gutter? He ran it into the gutter, gas is still high, grocery’s are still high, the housing market is a mess, but hey, Sleepy Joe is the savior, now that’s a head scratcher.

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      3. Biden inherited a country facing the biggest economic downturn in history. We are still facing the residual effects of Covid, which is a worldwide issue. How would this country look if unemployment was still at the numbers trump had when he left office?

        Please tell me how Biden impacted the housing market? Supply and demand didn’t have anything to do with the current correction, right?

        As far as, gas and groceries go, try this concept, spend a letter to corporations voicing your grievances over their corporate markups.


      4. you stupid senile troll…still can’t comprehend the difference between fact and opinion….If I said you’re stupid is that a fact or opinion? Saying prices are higher or something is a mess is a FUCKING OPINION!…..seek help…you’re nothing but a really really dense self-proclaimed Kwon it all

        GET EDUCATED…I am tired of having to point out basic things to you



        REGARDING THE GAS COMMENT…..A week ago at Costco, I paid $3.29 a for gallon back in 2020 prior to covid, at the same station I paid $2.79….FOR ME “PERSONALLY”

        You struggle with the most common sense issues….no one replies to you for a reason…


      6. “No one replies to you for a reason. I say that because I still act as if I’m in junior high school and it matters so much to me that people reply! If they don’t I’ll cry because I’m a little bitch named Gabby.”

        “And even after seeing the national average price of gas, I’m going to stick to my original moronic comment that saying gas prices are still up is merely an ‘opinion. Why? Because I’m the Village Idiot Gabby!”



      7. WOW!! sounds like I have you all leathered up…I am sure the BP is spiking, soiled diaper, and drool running off the chin……mission accomplished…….I WON!


      8. It’s extremely hard to educate stupid, I am trying…..slo might be a lost cause. Perhaps he’s too senile to comprehend…I am no doctor so it’s hard to pinpoint his problem.

        He claims opinions as facts, then when called out to defend them lashes out with childish rants. He suffers from massive confirmation bias….. might be from all the kool-aid he gets from Tucker and friends

        Thank you for calling out his ignorance. Many people are growing tired of his lies and BULLSHIT. The guy posts with zero comments related to USC

        He feels this is the proper platform to voice all his grievances related to the Democratic party


      9. The voices you heard in your head do not qualify as “many people”.

        More people have called you out for your bs than mine, so don’t even try to go there. Quit lying and living in denial.


      10. I have seen 6 different people call out your stupidity in the last day….You’re on a roll….feel proud

        slo troll: but but but but!!!!!…..how about Joe’s mess!


      11. YOU SOUND LOST…

        slo troll: And BTW, I don’t mind at all if someone disagrees with me.

        but you want to use others in your comments to shame and the same stuff you are being accused of…..dude what the fuck id


      12. YOU SOUND LOST…

        slo troll: And BTW, I don’t mind at all if someone disagrees with me.

        but you want to use others in your comments to shame me with the same stuff you are being accused of…..dude what the fuck is wrong with you….

        I treat you like a child because you have the temperament of one


      13. OMG! The simplest thing needs explaining.

        Others who have disagreed with me don’t feel the need to hurl personal insults. Even Owns disagrees with me without being the child you are.

        I really do hope you can move on, for the entire board’s sake.



        once again…. people are calling you out and the truth hurts so you change the narrative and make it seem like I am the issue….we are all laughing at you


      1. I personally don’t mind Gabby [he who, in the words of Voltaire, “picks his positions like a fanatic but defends them like a philosopher”] siding with Biden or Harris…but…. the time is fast coming when he’s gonna wish he weren’t associated with those two names….

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      2. MG, I appreciate your voice of reason, thanks. Biden and Trump are both the face of their respective parties. Who, what, when, and where will knock them off their perch?

        Right before Obama was reelected his approval rating was polling at 45%, the same number Biden is presently at. Old Joe is not going down easily (sad face). In all honesty, I hope he rides off into the sunset and takes Harris with him.

        I embrace the Democratic party’s ideology first and foremost, but next man up


    1. Ed, you know we don’t talk politics, nobody truly knows our leanings,
      but I would start by dumping all the elected repubs and demos
      and start over

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  2. Scott wolf is the self-proclaimed “voice of reason” when it comes to college football in Southern California.

    Wolf said , “the fanboy media is out to pump egos and piss me off”

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  3. THOSE SC pole vaulters and other track athletes on the olympic team were all coached by the SC great track coach Dean Cromwell. His asst was Jess Mortensen another great USC track coach.Those coaches were the greatest SC has ever had or seen…and the new ‘woke’ sc despises them along with wolf…

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      1. Judging what people did in 1936 based on 2023 standards?

        So Joe should have been judged solely on what he said about race in the 60’s & 70’s, huh? Good thing his voters didn’t do that.




  4. “USC recruits itself” per Wolf aka the Helton years.

    Therefore, Riley’s recruiting performance with 2023 class is average but considering Oregon’s NIL corruption deals& NCAA’s lack of institutional control (unwillingness to manage an out of control problem) I will give our Coach a break.

    The only problem is that the Portal is not a long term solution. Similar to taking the old car to the mechanic knowing full well it’s time for a new car.

    College teams ebb and flow and Georgia’s run is not sustainable. Bama will not be the same once Saban leaves.

    Therefore, USC is in a good position but it needs to prove itself to the local Cali kids who go out of state.

    Have a good weekend everyone.

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    1. I have always said winning cures a lot of problems. If Riley can prosper through the portal and generate wins through that approach and build back a winning culture. The perception in the eyes of the local kids will change with a wanting to be part of a rich tradition

      I hope regulations with respect to NIL Collectives can come sooner than later. It’s really playing havoc with the balance of parity in college football


      1. Another dumb ass comment! You won 11 games last year and still ended the season in very disappointing fashion. 15th ranked recruiting class only because of (you guessed it) wide receivers and an overrated quarterback. Plus, a clear blue print on how to beat USC has been established. No program with a pulse is worried about stinkin’ Lincoln


  5. Memo to: buddhakarma


    Trump is the reason why 2022 -23 prices are wildly inflated. Biden had nothing do with Trump’s premediated bungling, criminal, Pandemic mismanagement. One half a million CV-19 paid the ultimate price for Trump’s monumental deficiency.

    I believe today’s Federal Job report solidifies “Sleepy Joe’s,” qualification to be the POTUS.


    1. Biden didn’t wipe away the virus the way he claimed he would. A lot of us remember how poorly he & Barack did with H1N1. It spread like crazy, but wasn’t as fatal. They got lucky.

      Not to mention him admitting in Dec 2021 that there was “no federal solution”.

      But I have to give you credit for disagreeing like an adult. As the first commenter on this video stated, no name calling or insults. A shame our other buddy can’t move on from his childish ways. But if he wants to continue, I’ll gladly play his game.


      1. slo troll: Biden didn’t wipe away the virus the way he claimed he would.

        You major dipshit….Biden can’t control the anti-vaxxers or the spread of disinformation related to covid vaccines. This all contributed to putting a lid on covid. 85% of the people still dying from covid after Biden took office were anti-vaxxers. Why would Biden be responsible for their stupidity….THINK!

        slo still: A lot of us remember how poorly he & Barack did.

        REALLY? …Obama had a Federal playbook on how to combat a pandemic, and trump threw it out the window. With less than 10k deaths from swine flu and the economy didn’t skip a beat. In contrast, trump accounted for 25% of all deaths worldwide with only 4% of the total population, plus a total halt to the economy. Any half-wit could clearly see who knew what they were doing.

        Slo troll: Not to mention him admitting in Dec 2021 that there was “no federal solution”.

        The government can’t force you to vaccinate…..it was incumbent upon people to get the vaccine…….were you too dense to understand what he meant

        slo troll: A shame our other buddy can’t move on from his childish ways.

        says the guy who calls me a dumbass, idiot asshole stupid bitch. makes perverted sexual comments about my 16-year-old daughter, my wife, and my 74-year-old mom….and he wonders why someone wants to give him a good ass-whipping

        slo troll: But if he wants to continue, I’ll gladly play his game.

        one problem, slo troll keeps bringing a knife to a gunfight…..


      2. Any time you want to stop the name calling, I will do the same. You still don’t get it…you get what you give.

        As for H1N1, almost 61M contracted it the first year! Only 10K deaths because it wasn’t as fatal. Had little to do with their “plan”.

        All the COVID deaths under Trump? “He murdered them!”

        All the COVID deaths under Biden? “Well, it’s not his fault.”

        He was going to be a President for all, remember? That means it on him! The buck stops there! But keep making excuses. It’s what you do.

        Knife to a gunfight! Yeah, according to you. That hardly matters.


      3. This is slo troll, I am the classic textbook narcissist. When Gabby tells me the truth I get triggered and start to lose my mind. So I must deflect from the narrative and try to confuse Gaddy with bullshit and claim a victory to tamper down my narcissistic reaction. I post on wolf’s blog and no one responds back, it feels like I am talking to myself. Gabby might be an idiot but at least he talks to me…thank you Gabby


      4. Just as Pasadena said. You’ve got nothing, so have to resort to lame insults.

        Can’t be a real man…agree to disagree and move on without the name calling & insults. No worries. I wasn’t expecting you to be.


      5. No disrespect to PT, he has his own issues and makes zero impact on my life …so leave him out, idiot. For the 1000th time, you’re a clown who I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPECT FOR. You made disgusting comments about my family and will be treated accordingly.

        You really sound like a coward….Any grown man who heard you talk that way about his family should be upset enough to whip your ass….you just don’t get how big of a DICK you are


      6. Had you left my wife out of your lame posts, I wouldn’t have gone there.

        Be a man and take responsibility for your actions. Or you can keep crying and playing the part of a victim. Me? I’d rather leave it in the past.

        Everyone on here knows which path you’ll choose.



        SLO TROLL: Be a man and take responsibility for your actions.

        practice what you preach….lets me up…..or continue to be a coward

        slo troll: you can keep crying and playing the part of a victim

        you keep getting slapped around and crying about it. yet I am the victim….explain that one….dick!


      8. It didn’t need to be perverted. Calling my wife a shar pei was classless.

        You keep it up and I’ll tell you what I really think of any woman who would give birth to the likes of you. You’re going to be pissed, some will be offended and I’ll tell them where to stick it for not being even adamant about telling you to shut it.

        I have tried on more than one occasion to cool things down. It’s in your court.


      9. SLO-TROLL….You keep it up and I’ll tell you what I really think of any woman who would give birth to the likes of you. You’re going to be pissed, some will be offended and I’ll tell them where to stick it for not being even adamant about telling you to shut it.

        can you please translate…..get back on your meds


      10. Yeah, yeah…CR already caught on to the fact you’re the one who’s on meds. A lot of people already knew it.


      11. I medicate all the time….THC gummies…you should try one….because you’re on edge 24/7

        once again mentioning the name of someone who wants to stay out of it….do better that’s lame


      12. Yeah, sure. Because they’re real contibutors who have called you out. I can name more, since you’re trying to pretend they never wrote it.

        Disagree all you like. But please make an effort to leave the bs out. The entire blog will appreciate it, not just yours, but mine, too.

        Have a good weekend. Seriously.


    2. Ouch! I was typing and hadn’t seen “Ratpublican”. LOL

      But at least it’s not personal. Throwing that shit at all of us who lean right. No worries. 😉


  6. When you guys realize that no matter who is in charge they will screw stuff up. Up until the rise of socialist democrats they offset each other and worked together. Not so much now. The squad has had way to much influence.


    1. “socialist democrats” is in contrast to capitalists Republicans who passed massive tax breaks for the very richest which shifted the tax burden to middle-class Americans…where is your outrage?


      1. You ever get a paycheck from someone middle class? If the boss is wealthy, we are doing good and income seems to continue to come in. But lets get out there and make the wealthy pay their fair share again, and again, and again, until there is no more wealthy. Then who pays.

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      2. Steve, when you get wealth at the level of the elites, you do everything possible to keep it. Just because a large company, down to a small business turn profits off the hard and dedicated work of their employees doesn’t guarantee they reward employees. Lots of profits are getting redistributed into stock buy-backs, while the middle class absorbs more and more of the tax burden from corporations paying little to no Federal taxes…. Capitalism shrinks the middle class, especially when corporations control markups

        Trump brags about only paying $750 in Federal taxes, a prime example


    2. Steve, I hear ya.

      It’s just that what we have now is so bad and no light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that 30-40% think he’s doing well is what’s REALLY scary about our future.


      1. What is really interesting, is when trump had a 30% approval rating, you were still down there polishing his mushroom….Just had to refresh your memory. you should really think about moving to Russia….Putin needs someone to pick up the dog shit


      2. you have to explain things to so cal in the simplest form, then hope he even comprehends.

        He will attack back with this far-right rhetoric….the guy has been using the same playbook forever


      3. Dipshit…. it’s not the people who say he’s doing well….. it’s the numbers that speak the loudest….true mental midget


  7. Wow, it is night on February 3, ‘Thank God it is Friday,’ but one wonders why Monday does not get the TGIF treatment because after 2 1/2 days off (Friday night to Monday morning) one would think one would be rested&ready to assault the Monday morning work-load but most are too blue to do anything new

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  8. — Michael Guarino, who All on the Wolf-Blog see as a true-friend probably knowing him better than even his visiting In-Laws (“inside” joke)
    Quoting Voltaire although I didn’t carefully check-out Michael’s quoting accuracy–
    “…picks his [her] positions like a Fanatic
    But defends them like a Philosopher”

    In other words, we all get so deeply entrenched, tattooed to our souls even,
    of our Beliefs, whether ‘right-or-wrong,’ thank God God does not care-

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    1. LJ: we all get so deeply entrenched, tattooed to our souls even,
      of our Beliefs.

      After I read your comment, My mind flashed to Jim Jones and how he convinced 909 people, of which 304 were children, to drink Flavor Aid laced with cyanide.


    2. John –I think I got this quote [more or less] right:
      “We don’t know what God thinks.”
      —No Country For Old Men


  9. According to Lawyer John, who writes religious books and does not believe in an eternal judgment, God now does not care what one believes. Quite a concept for a religious person. Well, many of us Catholics, about one billion strong, think that God does care about what we believe. We say the “profession of faith” during every mass.

    “I believe in one God, the Father almighty, maker of heaven and earth,
    of all things visible and invisible.

    I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God,
    born of the Father before all ages. God from God, Light from Light,
    true God from true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father;
    through him all things were made.

    For us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven,
    and by the Holy Spirit was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man.
    For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate, he suffered death and was buried,
    and rose again on the third day in accordance with the Scriptures. He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father. He will come again in glory
    to judge the living and the dead and his kingdom will have no end.

    I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the giver of life, who proceeds from the Father and the Son, who with the Father and the Son is adored and glorified,
    who has spoken through the prophets.

    I believe in one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. I confess one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins and I look forward to the resurrection of the dead
    and the life of the world to come. Amen.”

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    1. Plow Horse,
      Thanks for reminding me that we DO know “what God thinks” —a long line of Hebrew prophets, culminating in Jesus, revealed the nature of God to us….


    2. I have always wondered why Jesus the man could not be revered instead of elevating him to God status which is off-putting for about 6-Billion earthlings (the balance being Christians). I write about Jesus and what I believe he did and said, which is of course arguable since there are religious scholars who believe Jesus did not even live let alone believing he was correctly quoted throughout the Gospels. It is the acts of this unique man more than his spoken words that manifest God’s unknowing nature

      And I will use an old joke again, but if one believes one can make it to the heavens based on merit, well then only your sinless dog (all instincts) will make it there

      Rejoice, rejoice, we are all One mysteriously entangled each with one another through the weavings of this God, this Thing, whatever It is, inseparable from birth to death

      Knowing there is no Hell, how could a loving God create such a ghastly nightmare,
      is cause for a very hearty “Amen”


      1. John — Jerusalem was a fairly tiny military outpost [in the sense that Rome’s 20,000 soldiers comprised most of the population]. The Jews living within that fortress city were well educated. It would be literally impossible for the apostles to convert residents —by the thousands —telling stories of a man who didn’t exist. Their audience was far too sophisticated to get played that way.
        btw, it would also be literally impossible to remove a body from a grave and carry it anywhere in Jerusalem without bumping into the Roman soldiers patrolling every street. No Jew in that city could move an inch in any direction without running into the Roman military.


    3. All great except the last paragraph. Cannot find in the Bible where it says baptism brings salvation and there is only one church. Salvation is simply a gift from God it cannot be earned or paid for. The payment was already made on the cross.

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      1. I agree with Steve. Baptism does not forgive sins, the finished work of Jesus on the cross does. Baptism is the public declaration that you believe in that finished work and declare Jesus to be the Lord of your life.

        LJ, religious scholars do not matter, eyewitness accounts do. Those first hand witnesses were martyred for their beliefs. They held fast because they saw Jesus publicly crucified and publicly resurrected. Nobody elevated Jesus to a “God status”, he was, is, and always will be God.

        You did get one thing absolutely correct, nobody makes it to heaven based on merit.
        for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified by his grace as a gift, through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus, whom God put forward as a propitiation by his blood, to be received by faith.

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      2. Plow Horse, I am not a “religious person” as you ‘label’ me
        I am a No-Religion One-God’ type of guy– thee are no rules-and-regulations within my Personal friendship with God, and guess what, He-She loves humor, even the profane, because after all God invented jokes


      3. Steve49: The “profession of faith” in the Catholic mass is the Nicene creed. It was adopted by a synod of bishops in 325 AD under Constantine’s reign and became the uniform Christian doctrine of the Church. At that time, there were no Christian churches other than the Catholic church. The church was “one”. The Protestant reformation did not occur until the 16th century, over 1200 years later. A question arises as to why God would have only one Christian church for over 1500 years and then decide that it is advantageous to have multiple churches with different doctrines and different sources of authority. Sounds like a recipe for chaos and something not advantageous at all.

        With respect to biblical authority for the “oneness’ of the Church in the creed, I note that the books of the new testament that form the Bible were first selected by Catholic bishops at the council of Laodicea in 363 AD, well after the Nicene creed. So the same infallible authority that selected the Bible selected the words that form the uniform Christian doctrine of the Church. There is Biblical authority but that is too long for this post. See https://www.catholic.com/magazine/online-edition/the-truth-about-biblical-authority

        As for biblical authority for baptism in the creed, again the council of Nicea pre-dates the Bible and is the same infallible authority that selected the books of the Bible. I do note that Jesus commands the apostles to baptize in his name. Mt. 18:15-18. Catholics believe that the sacrament of Baptism is necessary because it spiritually marks a person as a child of God and therefor the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross applies to us as his children. The necessity of baptism dates back to the beginning when Peter and the other apostles performed baptisms.

        Catholics believe that salvation is a gift from God that cannot be earned. However, they also believe that one who truly has faith in God will live a life that reflects that faith and perform works that are pleasing to God. See the book of James, “faith without works is dead.”


    4. Plow Horse, I am not a “religious person” as you ‘label’ me
      I am a No-Religion One-God’ type of guy– thee are no rules-and-regulations within my Personal friendship with God, and guess what, He-She loves humor, even the profane, because after all God invented jokes

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      1. LJ: The term religious person derives from the latin term”religare”. I believe it means “to bind” oneself in relationship to God. If I mislabeled you, I apologize.


  10. Oh wow I found the bottom of this political blog and I guess I’d better not mention football or Spring practice starting in March.
    So do you know who was called “The original gorilla,” by the media? Or whose speech at the dedication of a cemetery was widely panned by the newspapers including, “He was not invited to speak, but was allowed to only because he was the president. The speech was incoherent and lacking any form of elocution?”
    We are all just parrots of which ever media outlet we listen to the most. Some of us get more than one POV before making a statement. Does anyone remember Saturday Night Live torpedoing Sara Palin just because they had Tina Fey available? There are more people who believe what Tina said in comedy, was what Sara said in real life.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It is a mockery of democracy when bureaucracy dispenses information to most Americans via television in easy to digest “sound’bites,” and such shallow tabloid-like reporting makes it easier to mask the truth

      Have a polished “news”-caster tell you that “Biden Stinks” or that
      “Trump stinks,” and millions buy it without any further commentary necessary


  11. You can have your politics, the Repossesslicans&Demolishcrats
    And yet if you get me started on God-talk I will put you to sleep with endless ideas, but I will give it a try this once, here is an excerpt in a short story, Jesus, a fiction, we see Jesus explaining his relationship with God to 200 villagers 2000-years ago in Haifa, Israel-

    And truly I say to you our God is here to help us but first you must be actively conscious of Its presence. I am in every hour but it takes time to learn to do this– Realize that God is the All which means God is you, in your heart and brain where God knows every thought.

    And so knowing this as a young boy I stopped talking to myself and started talking to God instead. I had always anyway I just did not know it

    So when I see a brilliant sunrise for example, instead of saying to myself, “Nice colors, best in a while,” I internally exclaim, “Now that was one spectacular show my Lord, do You have any energy left-

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