USC Saturday Column Supplement

I could look at photos of the 1970 USC team all day just for the facemasks.

Tailback Clarence Davis is sporting the U-bar.

I don’t know what to call this facemark Bob Chandler is wearing but Terry Bradshaw and Bob Griese made it popular.

USC linebacker Greg Slough has another favorite facemask that was also worn by Packers tailback MacArthur Lane. Slough gets bonus points for the neck roll.

All-American linebacker Willie Hall has a more conventional facemask but I’m including this picture because No. 83 always looks good whether it’s Hall, Jimmy Gunn or Richard Wood.


78 thoughts on “USC Saturday Column Supplement

  1. Yeah that freaking balloon was finally shotdown. F’ing Xi, a lousy lying power hungry a’hole. Most untrusty leader just like Putin and The fat Northern Korean.

    Hopefully this can help unify our country.

    Go USA!!

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      1. ..or bring it down intact so we could show the world the information it was gathering….

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    1. Yeah, good thing the Biden Administration waited until all of the spy photos were taken and sent back to China first, right Genius? Brilliant!

      The only reason the U.S. finally shot down the Chinese spy balloon is because it was on course eastward, and they were worried it would get too close to Ukraine’s border. They don’t care about U.S. sovereignty, after all.

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  2. Well, the U. S. Navy had a balloon go “off course” over China a long time ago so turnabout is fair play in a Cold War.

    The Trojans are adding alot of toughness on offense for the upcoming season. The defense? Not so much, though. Maybe Jimmy Lake can convince Scott Wolf to get him an analyst job at Heritage Hall!


    1. I seem to recall that —when one of our crippled spy planes landed in Chinese territory in 2001 — the Chinese Communist Party chained the crew together at the ankles and paraded them through the streets for 12 hours straight….

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      1. Owns does not mind Chinese spies who work for UCLA:

        2019.A California-based electrical engineer has been found guilty of attempting to export sensitive military electronics to China and could face more than two centuries behind bars.

        Yi-Chi Shih, 64—a part-time professor at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)—was convicted on 18 federal charges last week, linked to a plot to illegally obtain microchips from an American company and export them to China, where they could be used in a range of military systems including missiles and fighter jets.

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    1. Frontman Joe negotiated (from a position of weakness) a deal with Xi Jinping to allow the spy balloon to cross America from the Aleutian Islands all the way past the South Carolina coast before shooting it down. Xi gets the images transmitted back to him, and China Joe can claim he defended America.

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      1. btw, The “take down” was a clean-up job, not a defense of the homeland…

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      2. Only difference? France wasn’t a Super Power…

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      1. Like the photo of linebacker Greg Slough. The face mask and neck roll really look bad***. I say bring back the neck roll. It may not have been effective in preventing injury to the user but it made you feel invincible and that is important when you hurl your body into a 250 pound fullback running at full speed. “Slough” is a great name for a linebacker. Hey Bob Jensen, co-captian of the Wild Bunch defense, what type of player was Greg Slough? Must have played because his uniform is dirty.

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  3. Greg Slough was a great player … McKay said he was destine to be a great NFL player but blew out his knee surfing. Slough looked like a modern day player back in 1969/1970

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  4. Are we supposed to be upset about the FBI searching Pence’s home for classified documents or do we just pretend it’s not happening?


  5. The slo troll has a chapped ass(ouch!). Wolf-man failed to post pics from the “leather helmet” era, slo troll’s generation.

    Scott, I


    1. What’s your problem with that generation? You were dumb enough to think someone that old (and with dementia) should be the leader of the country & the free world. LMAO


      1. Sorry, slo troll, I failed to mention you wore your own leather helmet well blowing on the tuba. Joe had a big laugh out of it when I showed him the picture.


      2. Gabby and myself are the smart ones on this putrid blog that
        allows creeps like you the time of day. Leave the country if its
        too tough for you under the current administration.

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      3. Slo troll is the 18-year-old know-it-all who lives next door. The fool pulls up at all hours of the night blasting his car stereo. When confronted he responds-“Dumbass, I have rights granted under the Constitution, go back to bed. The mentality of a mental midget…….Joe continues to laugh!


      4. It is Sunday morning just kicking around and read the latest
        Gabby v So Cal edition of who has the best put-down line,
        And I am thinking these 2-guys have taken the old saying of
        “He can take it he’s got thick skin” to a new level as in
        ‘the skin of an armored tank’


      5. On second thought, maybe Gabby and So Cal don’t have rhino thick skin because they have built up an immunity to each other’s insults,
        much like the old-fashion murderers who killed people one day at a time (oh bring back the good old days), many who claimed it actually became “boring” after so many repetitions

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  6. Politics Schmaletics, your opinions are respected but they change nothing. We need some kind of very viable World-Order Committee before it is too late which was yesterday

    How about some up-to-the-minute personal news, now 9:30 Sat Feb 4 in L.A.-

    So I am leaving my wife’s house on our usual Saturday night “date” after 45 years,
    separate places because of business location, and as I am about to turn-Right onto my LA Chinatown place the guy in the opposition direction cuts right in front of me, and I give him a Full ‘I am angry with you’ honk

    Turns out he is going in to my apartment building as I follow him in.
    I get out quickly because I want to confront this guy,
    my ‘temporary insanity state-of-mind’ at full throttle
    And my suddenly new LA ‘opposition’ man at about 260 gets out of his car quickly too
    And aggressively approaches me saying menacingly, “Did you honk at me”
    (obviously feeling he was in the right and I was the nasty jerk)
    (Me, being the jerk I am retorted in a loud nasty voice “Because you cut me off.”
    To which he took umbrage as he, his wife and I made our way to the mutual elevator
    He used the “F” word on me and said “You’re escalating this” as he prepared to hit me
    I say, “Oh so you’re going to hit me,” and he stops
    His wife is quiet all along taking the usual wise feminine tactic of ‘stay out of it’
    But her presence probably softened the situation where this guy was going to slug me
    and thought better of it, I guess because I acted like a defeated wolf with its neck stuck out with vulnerability.

    Sad Truth– This is simply an illustration of how males not knowing each other
    can be ‘ready to throw a punch’ at their adversary over even verbal insults,
    and I would say it runs about 50-50 in L.A. if you argue with a male stranger

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    1. Sorry about your day, John. It sounds pretty unwonderful.
      Bright side: You’ll have plenty of chances to meet your new friend again …being how he’s your neighbor. Maybe try the old “how ’bout we start over?” line the next time you share an elevator and he starts to shift his weight like he’s getting ready to throw…

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      1. Had something similar happen to me a few weeks ago in a parking lot John. He stopped as if he wanted to “chat”. But once I got out of the car to walk to the store my wife was visiting, he changed his mind and peeled out.

        As for the feud, I really should stop feeding the troll. I don’t even post to him unless he starts popping off. But he often posts to me when I haven’t even posted on a thread yet. As others have noted, he needs help…either a doc or AA.

        I’m glad nothing came of your incident. We need to ignore the mental midgets who think the solution is to pop someone in the mouth. You really need to be a whackjob to find any satisfaction in physically hurting another person.

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      2. slo troll: I really should stop feeding the troll

        says the real mental midget who at the last count, had 156 consecutive postings without a single one related to USC. THE REAL TROLL, PLEASE STAND UP!

        slo troll: We need to ignore the mental midgets who think the solution is to pop someone in the mouth. You really need to be a whackjob to find any satisfaction in physically hurting another person.

        When you continue to make sexual comments about my family and think it is funny, any man with an ounce of self-dignity would give you an ass-whipping, ….you’re fooling yourself…


      3. Slo troll failed to mention the guy in the parking lot had a Biden bumper stick. Slo troll become triggered and yelled out ‘fuck Biden”….Then he ran(actually pushed his walker at an accelerated pace) back to his car to hide……He loves poking the bear


    2. LJ
      Where I retired to, this doesn’t happen. At least 50% of men and women have a CCW. We are a polite society with virtually no crime. We like it that way. It usually takes CA drivers 6-12 months to learn new driving habits. Sometimes we have to give them some help.

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      1. ’75, when you began by saying “Where I retired to, this doesn’t happen,” I thought you must have retired to one of the Philippines’ official 7083 isolated islands where you only had to put up with the wife

        But then I saw in all caps CCW, and I knew as the English say but with a different meaning, “He’s talking about bloody California, mate”


      2. Cal75: At least 50% of men and women have a CCW.

        That sounds like a picture out of the “wild wild west”. Where men and women police by intimidation. I laugh at all these “rednecks” who parade around Las Vegas packing heat.

        They don’t like it when I tell them you look stupid out in public with a firearm. Most of them suffer from “little man” syndrome. Are you a little man?

        PS…..I didn’t know all the Bundy children had relocated


      3. G
        I’m 6’1″ 240. 20 lbs heavier than college. Olb 1971. Rugby 2nd row left lock 73-74. National champion Old Blues.

        As to your observation regarding goat ropers who carry ‘outside’, I tend to agree. They look kind of odd. Most carry a 45 and even the police in the city aren’t even allowed to carry that. Unless they are in a special unit.

        But the story gets a little more nuanced. Women have purses. People can carry outside if they wish but it tells me they couldn’t get a CCW for whatever reason and I tend to give them a wide berth. (Because they look like an idiot) but let me ask you—— if a criminal decided to assault someone and saw heat, would you agree that criminal would have a come to Jesus moment?

        Out here, we are a blend of urban and rural living. A person NEEDS to carry in a rural setting. We have fur bearing predators. Bears and lions. Big ones. Not bobcats. And elk. They charge at you. If you are going about your day in both the city and rural and leave home a person would literally be a fool not to being a gun with you. Doing business in the city first, what do you do with the gun. You really can’t leave it unattended in the vehicle. So you holster it. People don’t care. Safety first.

        Even near the city/rural interface….5 diff rattlesnakes. Some worse than others. I prefer to be armed. But only those who know me know that I am.
        No one F’s with people out here. We like it that way. 2yrs ago a bus load of BLM woke idiot white chicks descended downtown to March. In about 10 minutes about 100+ local armed citizens blocked their progress. Those marchers haven’t returned.

        Carrying a gun cuts down on crime. Rarely does it have to be used against a human. I can’t remember, if ever, out here.


      4. Cal….Thank you for adding context to your post. I can now see how the environment and surroundings would require a weapon for protection.

        You made my point about “policing by intimidation” when it came to squashing “First Amendment Rights”

        Have a good day! Hope you’re feeling well


      5. Cal…..Glad to hear he took out the predator. But I think the guy was embellishing a bit. If you break down the details of his story it just doesn’t add….just my opinion


  7. Anyone remember those stupid hard gel packs in the old school helmets? You had to “break them in” before they fit you correctly. Genius idea if you liked selling helmets, make sure they took the shape of one user. Too bad my high school didn’t care and that helmet got passed down to 30 different kids.

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  8. I remember the old helmets goose. High schools never bought football gear that fit 5’5″ 125 pound freshman players. Instead, you got the varsity gear from 15 years earlier that was designed for someone 6 inches taller and 60 pounds heavier. I remember my helmet rolling around, my oversized shoulder pads weighing me down and my knee pads protecting my shins. It really affected your ability to run. I had much better gear in Pop Warner football. And, the basketball jerseys for freshman were even worse. They came down to my knees.

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    1. Thanks for bringing back so many fond memories, Plow Horse…..
      [Added to all that ignominy was the fact that the Main Street Gym in Santa Monica loaned you boxing gloves that were so old that all the padding had shifted AWAY from the knuckle portion —making the gloves into lethal weapons]…….

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      1. Sounds Awesome! I mean I know we can’t do that today, but that’s awesome 😎. Did the gym windows open to allow ocean breeze while training?


  9. Dean Martin: I feel sorry for people who don’t drink. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.


    1. Cr Smith: I feel sorry for people who don’t drink Tucker and friend’s kool-aid. When they wake up in the morning, that’s as good as they’re going to feel all day.


      1. Inner Gabby: Well I am glad to see the lads are all happy to see back . I know they think I always, inevitably, drag things down to into the muck and mire. But, hey, a guy has gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. Its on my business card “Have f**k, will travel”. Let the race to the bottom begin!!
        P.S.Sorry for showing up late, I was just getting over my drunken stupor from yesterday, and my brain cell had to recover. Not sure how I ended up in a tree with only my socks on, wearing a guy’s jock strap on my head, with a tatoo on my forehead that said “cannot cure stupid” . Anyway, I am back!

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      2. struggling with ANOTHER case of severe penis envy……blog dunce, slo troll is an expert on penis envy, seek out his wisdom.

        I noticed a bulge on the back of your neck….I knew it!!!!


  10. Memo to: SlimSlowSliderUSC

    During Donnie Boy’s term, 3 Chinese balloons sailed the over the US w/o public notification or military action. I guess Donnie didn’t want to queer his Beijing Hotel deal or his progeny’s sweetheart MC business contracts by objecting to MC’s blatant spying.

    The question remains SSSSUCC, why does Clown U continue to admit Chinese Mainland students (The sons and daughters of Communist officials.), for any inflated fee.

    UCLA caught the spy, but I doubt SUCC’s information security is either
    a concern or vigilant. Hey you pays your $$$$, so load up the flash drive with proprietary secrets for future reference back in Communist MC.

    MC is considered the US’ #1 potential war enemy; but, oh well, I guess big buck, foreign student fees trump US security @ Clown U.

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    1. I recall the Trump years clearly. There were both Russian and Chinese spy balloons criss-crossing the country. Three or four were visible in the sky on any given day from anywhere in the USA. CNN refused to report on them because they didn’t want to embarass the President.

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      1. Trump didn’t need any help from CNN. Every chance he got, his own words led to constant embarrassment. He coined the phrase-“I have never told a lie I didn’t like”


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