USC Sunday Buzz: Duce Robinson On Campus

Five-star tight end Duce Robinson was at USC last night but it wasn’t for football.

Robinson was taking batting practice at Dedeaux Field for Sunday’s Area Code Select game at Dodger Stadium at 12 p.m.

He’s in no hurry to make a college decision and seems likely to sign a pro baseball contract if he gets drafted high enough, and play both sports.
  • The NASCAR Clash at the Coliseum is today at 5 p.m. It will be on Fox.

20 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Duce Robinson On Campus

    1. With drool running off his chin and a soiled diaper at capacity, slo is speeding his way down to the Coli in hopes of participating in the race with his “Pinto Runabout”..

      Love his determination!


      1. Inner Gabby: I am such a chump. I keep taking the bait every single time. I have to stop this–everyone will think that I am the one with soiled diapers and drool… they may think ‘he doth protest too much”. But really guys, it is not me…really it is not me.

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      1. poor slo troll, he has been reduced to watching cars turn in a circle…..I thought his true joy was watching the paint dry. Especially after painting over the MAGAT graffiti on the side of his outhouse


      1. Crying and whining again because you continued to get mocked…I am sure it has nothing to do with your political rhetoric or streak of zero posts related to USC, RIGHT?


      2. The first post?… crying and whining?…….I was mocking you, dim-wit

        You crossed the line with disgusting remarks about my family and kept laughing about it. I have no respect for you and you will be treated accordingly….once again, stop the whining and crying….you earned it!


      3. How is making a joke about you pinto whining and crying?…. You sound confused again with respect to context comprehension…..please explain?


      4. Joke: something said or done to cause laughter

        Mock: tease or laugh at in a scornful or contemptuous manner.

        I don’t see any mention of crying or whining…..


  1. Greetings, well the supper bowl forecast! the chart coach commith that being the walrus he will from his chart send into the game oooohhh about 3 or 4 plays that will doom kc and they then take the choke and lose!!!!!!!!! Regards , E coo cooo kachew the Walrus!!!!!!!1


  2. Greetings , well another sloppy stupid bowl game !! eagles choked especially in the second half recievers left uncovered twice for tds ??? Regards, E


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