Here’s A Deal For You

Is business slowing down at the USC Hotel on Figueroa St.?

Here’s a deal USC is currently offering: No word on if Tommy Trojan is included in the deal.

  • USC’s baseball game at Cal State Fullerton tonight has been postponed and rescheduled for May 3.


This seems appropriate. It’s Albert Hammond and his classic hit, “It Never Rains In Southern California.”


66 thoughts on “Here’s A Deal For You

      1. John [seems funny to call you that in this context],
        Sign above Check-In desk reads “Proof of occupation required for hourly rates.”

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      2. Sloo troll said that rate does not include fresh linen… I take it, he knows from a previous experience


      3. John has it backwards…I don’t know how to put this delicately, but Ed is on the other side of the transaction.

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      1. Inner Gabby: I just cannot get him out of my head…I…must…resist…must resist…but the power is overwhemling. I am obsessed…I must not let him get the better of me but the agony when he once again puts me in my place.


      2. I think you have your blogs crossed up…..The FBI is coming for you.

        hurry, pull the finger!


      3. Look out, Inner Gabby!

        “To Whom It May Concern, I start shit online and post as if I’m a tough guy and when someone does the same to me, I want to report them for hurting my feelings!! Same way bad, orange man hurt my feelings, so I voted dementia! Waaahhhh!!!” LMAO


      4. On the left, we have renowned Constitutionalist, Jamie Raskin. On the right we have high school drop out, Lauren Boebert(slo troll’s true daughter). Who do you want to make our laws?


      5. Every time I fart you’re too quick to judge it….enjoy the aroma

        PS…..the shar pei claims her KY jelly is missing again…..slow down on the outhouse hinges….


      6. And mom’s had them hanging out in the cold for the past 10 minutes, ready for your 9 am feeding.


      7. “Let’s meet up”…..i just need your address…. I know it’s the single wide with the shitter on the porch


  1. I got that alumni email, too, Scott.

    The one that interested me more, however, was the hike along the Getty trail on March 18 with the USC Young Alumni. They’re welcoming anyone & everyone, even us old farts.

    If we didn’t already have plans to be at the range that morning, we’d have been all over it.


  2. SUCC the Hotel WTF! Sort of a bozo motel 6 smack in the middle of a urban ghetto.

    That’s right Clownsters, impress your wife or squeeze and spent/enjoy several days at the SUCC Motel; get your car boosted, get held up in the lobby, and catch an ugly case of the Aztec Two-Step from food served in the “Little Petey Pom-Pom” diner.

    No doubt there’s also an over priced OJ suite filled with Ron and Nicole memento’s. OJ’s neatly ironed, Nevada prison uniform is on display in the Osa Messina motel bar…Pepsi Cola proudly served in the bottle or on tap.

    SUCC, the Earl Scheib, ticky-tack, private Methodist University.


    1. JOwns..our resident man-child…whose wit produces such lines as “Little Petey Pom-Pom”. Let’s all pat on the head: good little boy, now go have a cookie.


      1. Don’t forget his new talking point directed me…..”I am going to cut your head off faggot!”


  3. What a day– First, SC gets another financial blow of millions and millions for, of all things, handling staff investment money in a negligent manner by purchasing under-performing assets. What the….What is going on over there in Trojanland?

    Then introverted Wiley once again proves he is no extroverted Carroll.

    But alas, Scott found our bosom girl so titillating, so to speak, he brought her back


  4. Owns…. Eye in the sky has you pegged… Wipe the drool… The Lou alcindor is killing brain cells.. The state of vegetation is only a few more whiffs away. Please indulge

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    1. Shut the fuck up you lame ass bitch. I’m gonna cut your fucking head off and the fag you married. Tell the FBI I said you dirty chenk!


      1. You are such a fag. Why do you keep mentioning our dicks? You weird AIDS patient. You and the faggot you married are gonna die 😂


      2. You are such a fag lover. When I keep mentioning our dicks I know it drives you crazy. Call me a weird AIDS patient but it feels SO Right!. I’ll tell the faggot I married, we are gonna die ��


      3. It should feel right! You are a faggot ass AIDS patient. Those are just facts 😂. Now go tell the FBI on me😂😂😂. And any idiot that has not figured out that Owns and I are not the same person is truly a Moron!


      4. Don’t tell me you’re hung like trump, disappointed for sure…Those are just facts..FBI IS ON THE WAY, HIDE! And any idiot that has not figured out that Owns and YOU are not the same person is truly a Moron!

        Wanna take a spin on my disco stick…..


      5. 😂😂😂 that right there is why you have AIDS continue on being the faggot ass blog faggot! I’m real scared of your FBI contact😂 we know scared now but it won’t stop this bullet from being lodged into your skull!


      6. I love how I am in your head and you take my bait every time. I thought slo troll was the hungry bait taker….winner winner chicken dinner, this fool is now the #1 blog dunce… disrespect sloooo troll…’ll win it back…I have faith in you!


      7. I would rather be the dunce than the blog faggot! And blog pariah. The USC alumni does not respect you or your opinions. Take their dick out of your mouth and find relevance in your pathetic queer life. We can smell the HIV on you. I am a redneck hick and proud of it. I will gladly snap your neck and kill the rest of your family! Bitch!!!!


  5. How does a university like UCLA lose track of $100 million? I mean it’s not like it was a Sam Gilbert donation that was retuned was it? Or was that the bribe money used to pay off the Chinese authorities when the players went shopping without informing the store owners that the school literally had a running tab. Leave it to President Trump to get the 3 blind lice off.

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      1. It’s a miracle the U. C. system hasn’t been placed in receivership by the Secretary of State……

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      2. I’ll bet ’67, you spent more on booze then the amount of your tax dollars earmarked for the UC System. My assessment is of course, predicated on you paying your fair share of Ca. Income Tax.

        I’m thinking it’s even money you cheat on your income tax like your beloved hero, Donald J. Trump, bona fide lying, traitorous scum and tax swindler.


    1. “Three blind lice” is just a bit racist. Whenever a SUCCster doesn’t have a valid argument they hop on a racist schtick. What’s up with that?

      UCLA is fair game, but characterizing players, regardless of foul deeds as lice, really SUCC’s.

      I don’t remember calling Josh Shaw, bozo hero, anything that could be construed as racist, even though Shaw lied like a sleeping dog to save his own neck.

      In answer to your question This World, I don’t know, but it’s probably very complicated.

      At least UCLA doesn’t squander employee retirement funds in tomato can investments.


      1. Huh? LiAngelo Ball was worth half a million dollars at the time he was caught stealing $35 sunglasses in China. When he was asked why he did it, he said “well everybody else was doing it!” That’s not using your brain and lice don’t have a brain. Riley went to school at Sierra Canyon and paid to go to school- not on scholarship! He had a family that could afford a school like UCLA but chose to steal! Again- no brains just immature!! Only brats would steal and not care about embarrassment. You think lice is racist but you bring up urban ghetto! Wanna check out the homeless population around UCLA before you call any neighborhood ghetto? All I know is that female students are attacked at a way higher rate at UCLA than USC. Now who has the more ghetto school than that?!?! UCLA logic at work I guess.

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  6. I have a better department for the U. C. system with all the malfeasance, harassment and extortion of state residents while sucking up as much money as possible from shady sources:

    CA Dept. Of Toxic Control Substances (DTCS) since they deal with trash, have excellent history of work toxic work environments and enjoy bipartisan support! Plus, they would know how to deal with missing funds by billing the governor!

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      1. Bend the knee to your Lord and Savior! That was his only win that year! Imagine knowing President Trump helped UCLA but USC didn’t need him!!! Saving liberals, what a mensch!!


  7. What part of lice is racist? Is that a politically correct thing or did you consult the Barbara Boxer/Gloria Allred press release to hide your collapse in your premise?


      1. 3:00AM …..and the dedicated blog troll is arguing with himself…..I think the Lou Alcindor special is having an effect.

        CUE: Insane In The Membrane


  8. Now I’m warmed up! Scott Wolf can file an FOIA and demand that UCLA show how exactly did a public institution hide a $100 million deficit for two years while raising an increase in funding from the UC Regents for more state finding while also raising tuition PLUS denying graduate students an increase in salary, more benefits or even basic access to Healthcare through applying to Cover California because they weren’t allowed to be classified as employees!?!

    Don’t think anyone here is interested in finding out because it’s probably going to happen again.


    1. Remind me This World, why did bozo u ignore the vile Geo. Tyndall M.D. complaints from SUCC female student damn near 20 years.


    1. steve…..wolf’s blog has been a shit show for years… moderation equals fools like owns, fuck Gabby, slo troll, and worthy others can run wild….try to get in where you fit in and ignore the static….


    2. Because he knows that you are one of the biggest reasons it’s off the rails and stated as such. Everyone does.

      As for Own & F*** Gabby, you bring out the worst in them, same as you do me. You will never get it…you get what you give. When you’re not around, I’m totally chill, even with those who don’t agree with me politically. I don’t mind people on the Left expressing their thoughts, as long as they leave out the personal attacks. Hell, I watch CBS, NBC and ABC to be sure I’m hearing from both sides.

      You’re a USC fan and as an alumnus, I sincerely hope that you will get it one of these days, but I have little hope.


      1. you dunce….. owns, fuck gabby act out on their own accord…what a fucking dipshit to think I trigger their stupidity…..So what’s your excuse for the childish rants directed at me…..speak up…



  9. Memo to: the auld bag, Mrs. Helton

    Statement from UCLA:

    “UCLA Health is grateful for the patients who came forward. Sexual misconduct of any kind is reprehensible and intolerable. Our overriding priority is providing the highest quality care while ensuring that patients feel safe, protected and respected.”

    Dr. Heaps has appealed his convictions.

    “The University of Southern California (USC) has agreed to pay more than $1bn (£730m) to patients treated by a former campus gynecologists’ accused of sexual abuse.

    ***It is the biggest sex abuse-linked pay-out in higher education history.” It’s only fitting that a Methodist Univ. hold the record.

    “The case arose after the Los Angeles Times published accounts from former and current employees about Dr. Tyndall’s alleged sexual misconduct as a gynecologist.

    Hundreds of women came forward to report misconduct by Dr. Tyndall, according to police, though not all cases met the requirements for charges.

    The women claimed he made lewd comments, photographed and groped them during medical examinations.

    Dr. Tyndall worked at the university clinic for 30 YEARS!!!, where he was the only full-time gynecologists. He left the university in 2017 after an internal inquiry found he had made inappropriate remarks to patients.

    In the USC case, it was a complaint from a nurse chaperone that ultimately led to Dr. Tyndall leaving the university.

    The case saw USC’s president (C. L. Max Nikias) step down amid sharp criticism of how the institution responded to the abuse claims.” ~BBC

    After Max stepped down in utter disgrace, Clown U saw fit to award Maxie University Tenure and a lifetime membership on the bozo, B of T.

    Kindly Mrs. Helton, stick that in your lower lip and chew on it. Nothing says stinking ugly a like a bozo, auld bag, spitting chew juice.


    1. Yes, he is a horrible human who deserves to rot in prison. Same with Heaps. UCLA ignored allegations for decades and has to pay out 700 million.

      “At the heart of the litigation are allegations that UCLA ignored multiple detailed complaints of abuse over decades. A UC system report found that UCLA repeatedly failed to adequately investigate the allegations. UCLA allowed Heaps to return to practice in 2018 to find new victims, the suits claim, even though top university officials knew of an ongoing internal investigation into the allegations.“

      Glass houses.

      Word of advise, It’s better to be thought a fool than to post nonsense and remove all doubt.


  10. What a self own. Pun intended. Care explain Brett Hundley? Just accept that some people are disgusting irrespective of affiliation and don’t deserve explanation so just move on. Step away from the keyboard and walk away. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.


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