USC Notes: Pro Day Set

USC’s Pro Day will be March 21 and is closed to the public.

No Pro Day will ever surpass the 2006 Pro Day when 3,000 packed Loker Stadium to watch Reggie Bush run the 40. This was back when the public was allowed to attend. Matt Leinart then threw at Howard Jones Field for a smaller crowd because you needed a pass.

Will Jordan Addison bother to show up at USC Pro Day? That will be a key question. I suppose it depends what he does at the NFL combine. And whether Addison even decides if he needs to come to Los Angeles.

  • USC men’s basketball will play in the Rady Children’s Invitational next season at UC San Diego. Iowa, Oklahoma and Seton Hall are also in the field. The arena holds only 4,000 but that’s probably more than enough.
  • USC women’s basketball players Kadi Sissoko, Destiny Littleton and Rayah Marshall were named to the All-Pac-12 team.

The player of the year was Alissa Pili of Utah. She was at USC before transferring to Utah and is the sister of USC defensive tackle Brandon Pili.


32 thoughts on “USC Notes: Pro Day Set

  1. No disrespect, Alissa Pili is 6’2 and looks like she could play LB for Utah…..Only a certain body type would willing to take the charge when she goes to the hoop


    1. Alissa’s physical advantage over her opponents is part of the game. Doesn’t mean she is any less of a player. Shaq had a physical advantage and not to many opponents got in his way.


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        You were more than generous in saying half the blog. It’s more like 75-80%, but you were trying to be nice. Good for you. Like GameTV, you’re a good man.


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    2. There was also Endyia Rogers who left for Oregon. It would have been
      quite a twosome with her on the perimeter and Pili on the inside .


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  5. Right after the 2006 Pro Day, the NCAA “coincidentally” banned prospective recruits from attending due to the perceived “unfair recruiting advantage” it gave certain schools. If you figure out who was behind this NCAA Mafia move, you’ll know who was behind the full Reggie Bush Pretext attack. Several years later, ESPN is covering Pro Days for select schools.


  6. Jordan Addison is a Pitt Panther in USC clothing.

    His name, image, likeness and reputation were all built there. He was on the USC roster for one semester (did he even take final exams?). He didn’t play in every regular season game and skipped the Cotton Bowl.

    He wore his own version of the Trojans uniform and never really seemed to be a smooth fit — even when demonstrating his very good football skills.

    Adios & adieu Addison.


  7. Oh no, Andyain’twinning lines up a 2023 – 24 cupcake tournament for bozo BB. I mean, what the hell is the Rady Children’s Invitational tournament?

    Andyain’twinning will strut his stuff with likes of BB heavyweights UC San Diego, Iowa, Oklahoma and Seton Hall. Not one of the SUCC’s possible tournament opponents are ranked in this years, AP top 41BB teams (i.e. Those teams receiving ranking votes.).

    The UC San Diego arena is limited to 4000 seats, but as Wolf opines, “…that is probably more than enough.” Wolf, in my opinion, is being kind to bozo BB.

    Kentucky’s BB arena has bathrooms that hold more then 4000 spectators.

    #Thanks Enfield


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