USC Morning Buzz: One Way College Football Could Follow NFL

Even in the ultra-paranoid NFL, training camps are open to the public.

So why don’t college football teams allow the public to spring practices or fall training camps anymore?

The answer, of course, is because coaches never want the public to attend practices.

It doesn’t matter if spring practices are basic and bland. Not to mention with a scaled-down roster that can limit how much a team can do.

If it is a practice, coaches prefer to close it. And that’s why USC has just one workout — the spring game that fans must pay to attend — open to the public.


27 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: One Way College Football Could Follow NFL

  1. The reason the public can’t attend practice is actually simpler than ‘coaches don’t like the public.’ It’s about wardrobe. Coach Riley only has one t-shirt he loves to wear. He wears it every practice. [Same as Chip]. He doesn’t mind the team seeing this. But he’s shy about the whole world knowing it.


      1. Victoria’s Secret Strapless Bra….


      2. Maybe so So Cal, but “Stinking Lincoln” willingly washes his H/T, Prima Donna, QB’s jockstraps, shines is 30 pairs of shoes and washes/waxes Caleb’s Roller.

        #LR say: “Caleb da boss of me.”

        #Cue & Loop: A replay of the Pac-12 FB CS game vs Utah in Vegas.

        Clownster’s, see if you can spot moment Caleb the Monumental tells LR to go f**k himself when LR suggests(LOL) Caleb take an injury seat.

        Damn, I hope “Rushy auld sponge on a stick” doesn’t go ballistic over my post; but it would be a bonus though.


      1. Ryan Knight.

        I also got to see Scott Galbrath get yelled at because he didn’t know how to put his arms on his legs the way they wanted him to for a kickoff drill, it was hilarious

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    1. Pete Carroll rarely closed practice whether it was spring or fall. Oh by the way, he had a pretty good winning percentage didn’t he?


      1. Yes, especially the 13 – 9 rivalry game defeat. Little Petey Pom-Pom was whiter than a KKK rally, at the post game presser.


  2. Insecure coaches close practices, because they buckle at the knees when they hear criticism from the fans and media . And that definitely describes Lincoln Riley.


    1. Naaah, not me, but at least this fake did not threaten to kill my family

      And by the way, I see Wolf had every piece relating to that Gabby threat erased. Why not erase all the profanity-laced stuff?

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    1. Let folks in to Spring Practice! If we don’t work on tackling at practice, there’s nothing for the “public” to see and/or criticize……


  3. hi john,the fan bruthurs iz lokkin at me funey agian and thay sez thay iz gunna hirt me,maik them stop pleeze,if i gotta getta loyyur and sew them and evry wun els i will,thay iz up seting me evin tho i aint do enny thing to them,and if thay keap it up i use my magick and tirn them in to a pretzuhl ore sum uthur kinda baiked gud,thanx alot

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  4. I say let LR do it his way. It’s not important that the public sees the practices. Just have LR have a small press conference(out on the field) after each practice or 2 times a week and answer questions and give a short summary of how things went.
    If they let the public see the practices, I’m sure every team that SC is going to play this year will have reps there to take notes. I mean why not just send them our play book.
    People say that Pete Carroll opened the practices up. PC was a great coach who was convinced that if the players executed properly on each play, it didn’t matter if the other team knew what was coming. Every coach does things differently.


  5. Memo to: Stevie49

    Oh that hurt! But thanks for the post recog.

    BTW ’49, I’m always “exited” to read your “puerile,” pissant posts.

    Nobody on this blog ’49, with exception of ’67, does garbage in/garbage out like you do. You are to be commended for your perseverance to whine 24/7, your habitual, pathetic bozo BS.


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