USC’s Turnovers Were A 2022 Marvel

Here’s a stat I keep thinking about going into next year: USC lost only two fumbles in 2022. In 14 games.

Does anyone think that will be replicated?

USC might play better next season but it won’t be better from a turnover perspective. The Trojans recovered nine fumbles for a +7

Theoretically, USC could drop a game next season if it cannot match this margin.

USC had the best turnover margin in the nation last season, thanks to Caleb Williams throwing only five interceptions and the defense intercepting 19 passes. That will be hard to replicate too, especially be the defense.

But that fumble stat is something else. Two lost fumbles is superb and very, very difficult to repeat.


28 thoughts on “USC’s Turnovers Were A 2022 Marvel

  1. I think that USC will “drop a game” next year and maybe even 3 games or more but not because they can’t duplicate the fumble stat but because of the last 6 games of the year and if you add the bowl game, it’s the last seven games of the year. If they happen to make it to the Pac-12 championship game it’s the last 8 games of the season. The end of the season is going to be brutal. Thank you King George for your going away present. SC had better not be planning on a defense that will finish in the top 50. They better be planning on a defense that will finish in the top 15.

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      1. MG, no way was SUCC going to lose to Tulane…but as we both know shit rolls downhill.

        SUCC goes 8 – 4 in 2023.


  2. Grudging praise by you Scott but at least some praise.

    Tougher schedule no question about that still USC has the most skilled QB in the country in Williams.

    Credit to Riley getting him to transfer to USC from OK and Riley again producing his 3rd Heisman Trophy Winner.

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    1. We would have easily beaten Utah and Tulane if we had Dye and Jordan and Vorhees in the lineup….

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      1. Darn you MG if you didn’t get me reliving Utah 1 again, and the memory I have is the Utes’ quarterback knifing through a
        defensive SC defense for 2-points at the end…

        And with Tulane it is the “other” OK Williams’ guy inexplicably attempting to catch a difficult kickoff that was going out of bounds,
        and guess what, game over, SC wins again

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      2. Oh, and one more thing Michael, I believe the Utes were destined to win the Utah 1 game, that Rising rose to the occasion

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      3. Mainly agree —but consider this, John: Football teams are like armies —they can’t [& don’t] advance without their general. The whole team went down when Caleb went down. [In other words, we coulda & woulda played a completely different game against Utah if Caleb hadn’t tried to outrace defenders into the endzone on what would have been a 70 yard TD]….

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  3. So SC has 7 total turnovers in 2022 (2 fumbles, 5 interceptions)
    versus 28 turnovers for the opposition (9 fumbles, 19 interceptions)

    Maybe the defense did something right; certainly the offense did.

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  6. Utah at home. Oregon has a new OC and new o-line coach plus four new starters on the o-line. Stanford has a new staff. Colorado has a new staff. Washington at home. Notre Dame has a new OC and even less talent on offense. Arizona St has a new staff. Arizona at home. Is the schedule really harder than last year? No Oregon St. on the road this year as well. No excuses, they need to go undefeated.

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    1. You need to at least mention UCLA… [to keep my friend Owns happy]….
      How’s this (?):
      “…And UCLA is without a QB or fan support ….and their players will still have to look at Chip’s bouncing breasts during halftime….”

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  7. I would have preferred Oregon St, Michael, despite how the Trojans were ill-equipped to handle the Beavers last time around

    So SC gets the Sun-Devils, a sneaky little team, but SC should be in the NCAAs even with a loss tonight although Troy’s chances obviously improve with a win

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  8. Could you imagine Wolf as a coach…
    “OK, guys. I just reviewed the stats from last year and our turnover ratio, especially fumbles, was amazing. Great job. Now, don’t expect to do that again next year, because you won’t. Don’t even try. Heck, why even bother paying next season. Out.”

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    1. Coach Riley’s Mantra for 2023…


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