USC-Michigan State Live Blog

We are live from Columbus, Ohio, for today’s East Region game.

And just like that, the NCAA Tournament is over for USC. Can’t say I’m surprised.

Michigan State can’t make a free throw and USC cannot capitalize.

The floodgates have opened as USC allows Michigan State some open 3’s and isn’t doing anything to get open shots itself.

USC shot selection needs to improve. The offense is stagnant.

USC narrows lead to 51-47 but again the Spartans stretch things as the Trojans take some poor shots. It’s 58-49.

Well, Michigan State is on a 15-6 run to start the second half and leads 49-40. Boogie Ellis and Drew Peterson are a combined 5 for 16.

You know how you know you are in the Midwest? Nationwide Arena is full. For a noon tipoff on a Friday.

USC’s come all the way back and we’re tied, 34-34, at halftime. Boogie Ellis is only 1 for 6 but Joshua Morgan is 5 for 5.

USC showing signs of life on defense and with some timely baskets by Joshua Morgan. Michigan State lead down to 28-25.

Boogie Ellis is 0 for 4 to start.

So far, this is the Big Ten experience many fear in the future.

It’s 17-11 with 10:57 left in the half. USC is 4 for 13 from the field.

Michigan State leads 9-4 at first media break. USC defense hasn’t been great.

I’m not impressed with the first few shots from Drew Peterson.

Here’s an awful March Madness T-shirt.

Freshman forward Vince Iwuchukwu is not expected to play today.

Anthony Munoz is at the team hotel to send off the Trojans.

The band is here to send off the team to the arena.

This is the energy the USC band desperately needs.

96 thoughts on “USC-Michigan State Live Blog

  1. I am not used to this, an exciting SC basketball game coming on at after 9 o’clock in the Morning and on a Friday to boot-

    Too bad too, work comes first but I will peak in for scores once or twice

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      1. “That USC center hasn’t scored that many points in a week”

        – Tom Izzo…heading into the locker room at the half.


        Chick Hearn would say, “He can’t play this good”

        Refs going above and beyond to keep the Ladies of Troy in it


    1. LOL!

      Enfield’s Ladies of Troy getting spanked!

      I told you Bozo’s these girls are going to be one and done.


      1. Izzo smiling and laughing on the sideline at Enfield and the Ladies of Troy.

        10 minutes in and it’s over. As the grest Chick Hearn would say, “The game’s in the refrigerator, the door’s closed, the light’s out, the eggs are cooling, the butter’s getting hard and the jello’s jiggling.” 

        But just wait until next year

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      2. I don’t want to see this crap again next year.


      3. Turned game off with USC getting it’s brains knocked out. Turned back only to see it’s tied up at halftime…..(!)


      4. You beat me to it, Steve. What happened to that blowout, Tebow?

        I’m not expecting a lot. A win today is all I’m hoping for.

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      5. ONE thing we do better than Michigan State: Turn the ball over [with lazy passes]…..

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  2. SC’s propensity to so often get behind in the first half
    leads one to surmise that a lack of it’s “Show-Time” motivation
    to Start some games has been missing.

    Don’t think that a lack of passion will exist this morning with a
    national audience dissecting your every move, not to mention
    possible NBA-riches if I put on a show

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  3. UPDATED!….Please take some time to read what So Cal has posted in just the last 24 hours. This doesn’t include the numerous derogatory comments he made about another person, It’s disturbing how one unhappy person can be full of such anger and hatred over differences in political and social ideology.

    I truly express empathy for the people that have dealt with him on a daily basis. Perhaps he might listen to one of you and take down the temperature. …thanks

    Yeah, sure. It was just you pretending to be a pussy!!

    I’ll gladly post Biden stuff daily.

    Always feels the need to throw a tantrum

    Still too dumb to know that you get what you give.

    Until then, fuck off!

    Quit making shit up.

    Shove it up your ass.


    Damn, learn how to read!

    Yet you are actually dumb enough to deny it

    No one is buying your bs,

    Because that’s what YOU keep giving me, Dumbass!


    Shove it up your ass!

    your sorry ass

    But if someone keeps crying too much

    And yet something you’re dumb enough to try and deny.

    Just because your drunk, blacked out ass doesn’t remember


    1. Full of anger and hatred? LOL! That’s exactly what it takes to cut & paste over a dozen different post. Not to mention the fact you posted this same thing several times yesterday.

      Take a look in the mirror and have a great day! And yet you claim to have moved on. LOL

      Get some help.


      1. so cal: “Take a look in the mirror and have a great day! And yet you claim to have moved on. LOL…..Get some help”

        No one on the blog should be subjected to your constant hatred and ridicule. It’s obvious “you’re the one” that can’t move on. Using your own words- “Take a look in the mirror and get some help…….(I am not the one making the childish insults).

        If you pull this type of behavior on the blog you’re also doing it to friends and family….I feel sorry for them.

        The quickest way to trigger a narcissist is to tell them the truth….you prove it over and over…..pathetic


      2. For someone who tries to play the tough guy, you sure are s sensitive little fella. LOL

        Move on. Get help. Everyone on this blog knows the real source of our issues. No one is buying your passive aggressive attempts at an insult, (“I feel sorry for…). The entire blog feels sorry for your close associates. You cried yesterday for help and all you got was MG and GT both acknowledging that neither one of us is innocent. At least I can admit that. You give me shit and I come back at you with it. I’ll never deny it.

        Have a great day and an even better weekend!


    2. Gabby: Stop playing the victim and re-hashing old posts over and over again. Nobody wants to read this garbage. It’s tedious and boring. You need to move on. MG, Steve49 and Mrs. Helton have all asked you to stop. Please take their advice.


      1. Exactly! He actually thinks anyone buys his “I truly express empathy” crap, when we all feel sorry for HIS family.

        Now let’s move on to some basketball. BEAT THE SPARTANS!!!!!


      2. so cal: Now let’s move on to some basketball. BEAT THE SPARTANS!!!!!

        You occasionally have some interesting things to say, I admit you have made me laugh. We both need to co-exist on the blog and civilly treat each other. Let’s call a truce to our nonsense. Please refrain from name-calling/insults and political grievances, I will refrain likewise.


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      3. Mind your own business…..thank you!

        PS…..I seem to remember when you were playing the victim because I debunked your political BS and had some choice words to describe your so-called tantrum. You sound like a total hypocrite.


      4. Yeah, Plow Horse! He’ll complain that I waste space with political stuff on a sports blog, but HE can waste as much space as wants with cut & pastes of stuff everyone has seen several times!

        Oh no, he’s not a hypocrite. LMAO


      5. I’ve told you before, you do not tell me what to post or not to post. As for keeping it civil, I’ve wanted to do that for months. As long as that’s what I get, it’s what I’ll give.

        I agreed to Plow Horse’s suggestion below. Hope you can do the same. This includes passive aggressive insults (“feeling empathy for”).


      6. I politely asked for you to stop with the derogatory comments directed at others. Change is hard but necessary. We can all do without your political grievances, please agree


      7. “We can all…”

        It’s hilarious that you don’t see this is in direct contradiction to what you agreed to below. You do not get to speak for everyone. Now please try to abide by the rules.

        Enjoy the rest of the basketball game!


      8. I am confused, you want to continue with your political BS, which you have been wearing everyone out with for longer than I can remember. It’s the root cause of the problem…..knock knock!


      1. No, what’s really funny is you posting only my replies above.

        But as everyone on here knows, you never ask to be told where to stick. Not you! You’re as innocent as a new born babe.

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  4. so how dos evry wun thinck preznint bidin is dowing,i like him end vize preznint carmela cuz i awl waze undur stanned wut thay is both sayin wen thay speek and thay cair abowt the poeples and aint in it fir them selfs,

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  5. Gabby and So Cal:

    You both are accusing the other of being narcissistic in their respective behavior on this blog. Gabby says that “the way to trigger a narcissist is to tell them the truth.” Not necessarily so. True narcissists demand to be the center of attention. They “project” or accuse others of the things they themselves do and frequently enjoy playing the victim. So how do you frustrate a narcissist? IGNORE THEM.

    Why don’t the two of you try to ignore each other today and for the weekend and see how it goes. Just don’t mention the other person in any posts nor make references to them. My guess is by the end of the weekend we will know who the real narcissist is. It will be the person who makes themselves the center of attention in response to every new subject posted by Scott by feeling the need to respond over and over again. It will be the one who can’t help make accusations against the other and otherwise repeatedly plays the role of the victim.

    Are you guys up for the “who is the real narcissist” challenge? A one work Yes or No response will suffice. If you feel the need to re-hash your relationship and justify your past behavior by portraying yourself as the victim, that is consistent with a narcissist.

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      1. The rules were: “Just don’t mention the other person in any posts nor make references to them. ”

        You both violated the rules within 40 minutes. Oh well, I thought that I would give it a try in the hope we could return this blog to a community forum as oppose to a platform for two people to air their personal grievances against each other.

        Have a nice weekend

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      2. What’s really interesting about your boi, slo troll, he just said “I don’t vote” yet he constantly mocks and ridicules me and 81 million others in a process he failed to participate. WHAT A FUCKING RETARD!….it feels so right saying that….(no disrespect to the mentally retarded)


      3. LOL! I barely noticed your post Plow Horse.

        Well, I can see the first reply. Who went right back to childish name calling? Yup.

        At least we stayed away from that for a few hours. But I appreciate the effort, as do others on the blog.

        You have a great weekend, too.


      4. You made a total asshole out of yourself with “I don’t vote”… How in the fuck could ANYONE hold back from calling you some choice words after the BS you give everyone for voting Democrat.. Go ahead and make up other lame-ass excuses for name-calling anyone that voted for Biden… yet you don’t vote.

        You claim to be a right-leaning conservative. Fuck you, you’re a far-right MAGat who fucking whines and cries about the price of EVERYTHING yet you offer no solutions. Your goal is nothing more than to see Biden fail so you can lash out “Told you so” Wishing for the president’s demise is as un-American as you can get.

        Let’s fucking meet up you fucking sorry ass little pussy….. you gave the green light for others on the blog who so-call “want to kick my ass”…..I hope you’re one of them, never mind, it takes balls to fight.



  6. 34-34 Halftime– there are times I wish I had a television, like now-
    The stats are as even as the score with both teams at about 50% shooting, the rebounding about equal with few turnovers. Sounds like a good game

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      1. Free trial! LOL!

        Yeah, but all of those require a credit card. Then you have to cancel before it renews “automatically”. No, thank you.

        My guess is that someone who is strong enough to not own a TV won’t fall for it. 🙂

        I really do admire that. No TV?! I had a buddy years ago who gave up TV for Lent. Way harder than me giving up alcohol, IMHO.

        Only thing is, he was a total wuss and gave himself a pass for Padres games. I told him how weak that was.

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  7. It’s half time and I haven’t seen a glimpse of the marching band.
    My solution for this political brouhaha is to get our money together and buy side by side tickets for a USC home game in the fall. Then give them to SoCal and Gabby they can sit for three hours and argue over the price of beer instead of the suds we’re getting now and they might enjoy the game.
    OR we can each put a one word post with the last name of the person we’re voting for in 2024. I’ll go first: West

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    1. I stated this months ago and it flew right over everyone’s head: I don’t vote.

      Even though I knew dementia was not even close to being the answer, I whole heartedly agree with GT & MG that both parties are f’d up.

      As for the tickets, I will pass but thank you. We had season tickets for more years than I care to admit. I am finally letting them go.

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      1. Come on so cal!!!!….you don’t want to attend a game with me (sad face)… I could educate you on the finer points of the game….let me know if you change your mind… I have connections in the ticket office

        Enjoy your day, buddy!

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      2. it’s interesting how you continue to mock 81 million people for who they voted for yet you don’t participate in the process…… a real head-scratcher!


      3. LOL! So, only those who played USC football (or other sport) should post any comments here.

        Scott, did you catch that? Moderate all comments off the blog, unless they have been verified to have played in some USC sport.


      4. Same as people who didn’t even attend USC can be a fan of our teams, any of us can be fans of one side or the other. Both sides are messed up, but I do lean towards being a fan of more conservative policies.


      5. Your analogy is totally lame and doesn’t fit at all(not surprised). Since you’re talking about USC, let’s use a University with a more appropriate analogy.

        You have this unhappy senile old man who constantly mocks and name-calls any person who attended the school and takes great pleasure in disparaging the overall image of the academic establishment,. As time goes on, we come to find out the senile old man had never gone to college. ….what a fucking idiot!


      6. If that’s the analogy you need to use to make yourself feel better, knock yourself out.

        I’m entitled to an opinion even if I don’t vote, (which I stated a LONG time ago). I realize your peeps don’t believe in Free Speech and do all they can to suppress it. Doesn’t mean I need to go along with it.


      7. Free speech? What is your boi in Florida doing …’re fucking dumber than a box of rocks…get educated, you sound limited!

        Let’s not forget your girl in Arkansas….Repukes must have been really desperate to elect her…..I can’t forget how comical her rebuttal to the State of the Union was…..even her own party was laughing. Trump really dumbed her down. We all know anything associated with trump turns to shit.

        Heard you watched the game in the outhouse, wifey had enough of the dirty diaper stench…..I am sure the top shelf two-buck-chuck was flowing


      8. Two bucks is what your wife charges to turn tricks out on the strip. Most ask for their money back.


      9. Here’s the real reality. My wife is 5’10, a pilates and aerobics instructor, and would twist your pathetic ass into a pretzel…. you’re fucking clueless old man


      10. 5th graders laugh at your lack of wit….I feel empathy for your family……show your wife how to talk to people on the internet….I am sure she would be embarrassed


    1. USC has NO NO Center …. And Boogie Ellis HAs No NO. Boogie. .. this is the Reason USC basketball will LOSE….also play crappy away from Home…

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      1. Well, to our credit we’re playing with 40% of team out…


      2. Hey Yo-Yo, Morgan is a center and he scored a game high 14 point in Andyain’twinning’s annual tournament ONE&DONE debacle.


  8. I noted that Michigan St was going 9-deep to SC’s 6 or 7-Deep
    and it took its toll on Morgan who hadn’t played this many minutes before, and the team simply sagged in the second half after a spirited first half.
    And once again it is proved that good Forwards out-consistent good guards who will have bad nights such as Ellis and Peterson
    But it was a good run to grab 3rd place in the Pac-12, a good year,

    So all the little suclas can now get off with SC being ‘pushed off’

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    1. Somebody commented “USC doesn’t really have a ‘Brand’ in basketball —but they’re hurting it today anyway.”


    1. Solution: Buy the Tournament…
      ….btw, Thanks Enfield..,
      …Another Bang up Finale To The Season….


      1. Hey MG, that’s a great idea. Bring together 20 -25, Fat Cat, alky, high rollers and get’em shitfaced on dbl. and triple Fireballs; then ask them to write big checks for the FB team.

        It would be easy to misdirect the those funds to purchase the NCAA Tournament. That way bozo BB would always be a #1 tournament seed and UCLA a 16 seed or better yet, a play-in team.

        Not bad MG, not bad

        It sort of reminds me of Trump floating the idea of buying Greenland. LOL.

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  9. Slo Cal and steve49 the two drama queen’s that never read my post have headed for the hills…they’re outta here!




    1. Still lying about that, huh? Too funny.

      I’ve never claimed to not read anyone’s post. Should I have listened to Cal about not responding? Yeah, probably. But NEVER wrote that.

      Enjoy our loss! As was written, to the [hater] go the spoils. (Minor edit, since YOU weren’t truly the victorious one.)


  10. Well that went about exactly how I and everyone thought it would. Sure would’ve helped if Enfield didn’t lead them through that no show of a weekend where they got swept by the Oregon schools (neither of which made the tournament). Better seed, more favorable region/ time zone but alas…

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  11. Down goes SUCC; down goes SUCC…Oh well TIREBITTER, some things just don’t, won’t change…Sayonara to bozo BB’s Booger and his Daddy era: 35 minutes, 6 points…JF’gH.

    #It’s a Fact don’tcha know: Recently Andyain’twinning received a puffed-up honor for leading the bozos to 5 tournament invitations…whoa, BFD!

    In those 5 tournament appearances, Andyain’twinning is a One & Done loser 3 times or as I like to point out, a 60% choka, choka, choka, choka choker. And ‘dats a FACT!

    Ok SUCCster’s I’ve had my say, let the bozo BB loser excuses, excuses, excuses rain on the blog. I know I can’t wait. And ‘dats a FACT!

    #bozos 62 – Mich. St 72, close, but no Ciiiiiiiigar.
    #Tanks Enfield
    #Will Auld Lady Helton be pissed?
    #Is it true, Andyain’twinning whistles while he coaches?


  12. We are not a tough basketball team, that’s culture and coaching. Andy is a decent coach, and if we are good with 20 wins and early exits, great. I think we can certainly be more. This years team won big games when they shot the lights out, that’s not sustainable. Defense and taking care of the basketball win games unless you are so talented you can overcome cad basketball. Today we did not do either well enough. Too many turnovers in critical moments. We are certainly not talented enough to overcome our stretches of bad basketball.

    Pretty sure we will be right back here next year.


    1. I don’t know Helton, usually 5 Star PG’s are prone to lot’s of T/O’s. Remind me, who the last PG (Since Magic) to lead a team to a BB NC?


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