Duce Robinson Sets Announcement

There’s a lot of speculation that tight end Duce Robinson has committed to USC and he will make his announcement on Thursday at 5:30 PT.

Lincoln Riley addressed the tight end depth today.

“Right now? Today? Not good.” he said.

The only current healthy tight ends are Lake McRee and converted linebacker Carson Tabaracci.

“I don’t think there’s any question he’s going to have the ability to make an impact,” Riley said of Tabaracci.

USC gets Jude Wolfe back in the fall from injury and Kade Eldridge will also join the group. But Robinson is the difference maker.


14 thoughts on “Duce Robinson Sets Announcement

    1. ‘Ol Mule Shoe is going to have 6 WR ‘s all thinking they should be starting, all wanting the ball thrown to them all the time, chances this kid Robinson is targeted with more than one pass a game if he plays at USC…slim and none.


      1. With a name like Tebow, that explains your football IQ. Falo caught more than one pass a game Lombardi. Robinson will be fine if he chooses USC. Monken leaving Georgia messed up the bulldogs chances.


      2. Falo couldn’t catch a cold. That girl avoided his blocking assignments as if they had the plague. Good for nothing, that’s what he was.


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