Saturday Buzz: USC Scrimmages Behind Closed Doors

USC scrimmaged at the Coliseum today. The key point is that it was closed so everyone has to take Lincoln Riley’s word for what happened.\

“(Defensive end) Anthony Lucas picked up a fumble and scored, I couldn’t tell if he was a part of the sack or not, but he picked up the fumble and scored, which was a big play,” Riley said.

“Defensively, we had a couple of key fourth down stops where guys made really sure tackles. We had a couple of big plays on offense. (Wide receiver) Zach Branch had a couple of nice plays. (Wide receiver) Kyron Hudson had a really nice play in the overtime period.” 

Now here’s the key: When Lucas picked up the fumble, which offense was on the field? Was it Caleb Williams at QB? Or Miller Moss? Or Malachi Nelson? That makes a big difference.

Same with the receivers. Who was covering them? If it was walk-ons that is significant.

This is why I don’t get too excited when we hear about certain plays in spring scrimmages.

Riley is sparse with details, which means he controls the message.

But we’ll get a better picture next week when the scrimmage is open to the public.


19 thoughts on “Saturday Buzz: USC Scrimmages Behind Closed Doors

  1. john, do you think brokback mountn is where the fak NASA progrm was suppusedly hiding to try to tryck us into thinkin peeple landed on the moon? thx, missus edG.

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      1. I didn’t even attend USC but they have the cutest boys. What I wouldn’t do to get in the locker room and watch the football team shower….


      1. The Player –maybe Altman’s greatest triumph. And…maybe the second best thing Tim Robbins ever did [I think Miss Firecracker was his best —“Don’t you girls make me treat you like dogs”…]


      1. The new mayor of chicago is blaming violent crime on the city’s businesses not paying enough taxes.

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      2. Chicago voters experienced record crime & murder under crazy Marxist Mayor Lightfoot —so they thought they’d try another crazy Marxist to see if he’d make things better…..


  2. Nothing matters until the season starts. The rest of the country thinks USC is just a bunch of Hollywood faggots!


    1. I’ll be Tigger —-and, in keeping with our newest running [but soon to be over….I hope] gag, tebow can be Sterling Holloway…..


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