What Boogie Ellis Reportedly Returning Means

Boogie Ellis is returning for another season at USC, according to Jon Rothstein of CBS Sports.

It’s a reversal for Ellis, who on USC Senior Night said he was not returning. What changed? Ellis might be making more from NIL than if he fares poorly in the NBA Draft.

This has a lot of ramifications for the Trojans: Isaiah Collier will be the point guard next season so Ellis will move to shooting guard. He might share duties but Collier is coming to USC to be the point.

How does this affect Bronny James? Does he want to play behind Collier and Ellis while also fighting Kobe Johnson and Tre White for minutes?

Also: I bet Reese Dixon-Waters knew about Ellis when he entered the portal. This makes a lot more sense now.


24 thoughts on “What Boogie Ellis Reportedly Returning Means

      1. So true! I have heard of Russian soldiers wearing the uniforms of Ukranian soldiers as a form of deception


    1. Speaking of sucking…last night my boyfruend and I watched reruns of Sex and the City and afterward I…well you can figure out the rest…Let’s just say Oral Obama is my nickname.


  1. Booger is so lame he can make more bricking for Andyain’twinning than he can in NBA; that is of course if any team in the NBA gave a shit about Booger BB and his Daddy.

    As usual, Andyain’twinning pays for plums and gets ONE&DONE lemons.


  2. Memo to: Auld Lady Helton

    See Helton, that’s the problem with bozo BB. They’re satisfied to mug a bunch a non-conf. cupcakes to pad the bozo record, and at least win one of two vs UCLA.

    See that way Helton, the bozo men’s team can strut about boasting “We bad, we bad.” And Damn it Helton they are, and that’s a ONE&DONE fact.

    Where do pro’s play summer BB in LA ?…Pauley Pavilion.

    Not at that leaky, trash bin bozo BB court, Galen livestock barn.

    #bozo BB oooooooooooooooo ferever and proud of it.


      1. Helton, there’s eleven (11) Men’s BB NC banners hanging Pauley, but not a single pennant commemorating a UCLA BB victory over the bozos; there’s been so many, who’s counting?

        Face it Helton, UCLA BB victories over the bozos is like kicking the crap out of a little brother…YAWN

        #bozo ONE&DONE BB…OOOOOOOOOOO ferever and damn proud of it.


  3. UCLA has 40% of their winning chances lost to missing players who have no courage to overcome their injuries. That’s a fact!


    1. What an AH you are TW.

      Caleb “the Destroyer” Williams, SUCC’s Glory Hog H/T winner, played hurt and personally cost the Clown U FB TEAM an ugly 47 – 24, Pac-12 Championship game defeat in Vegas and a shot at a possible CFP berth… Oh well AH.

      Now that’s a fact.

      #LR say: “CW is the BOSS of me.” – “‘cuse me, I have to buff and polish CW’s finger nails.”


  4. Memo to: Crabs

    You don’t hear anyone at UCLA rah-rah’ing about a 1/2 voted FB NC.

    FYI: “Since UCLA had played in the 1954 Rose Bowl, they were excluded from the 1955 event. The game likely would have made for a de facto national championship game, however rival USC (whom the Bruins soundly defeated 34–0) went instead, and lost 20–7 to Ohio State.”

    Clown U FB: the Jokes that Chokes

    #And that’s a fact Crabs.


      1. Crabs, that’s 1/2 more natty’s than bozo men’s BB has…Like OOOOOOOOOO ferever; and that’s a fact

        But hey, the Booger and his Daddy are coming back…yippee ki yay. But you’re still stuck with Andyain’twinning.


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