USC Continues To Roll

USC swept San Diego State with a 7-0 victory over the Aztecs on Saturday at Dedeaux Field.

The Trojans have won 15 of their past 18 games and are 20-10-1 overall.

USC had its third shutout in the past two weeks as four pitchers combined for Saturday’s shutout. Eric Hammond pitched five scoreless innings.

Austin Overn homered and went 2 for 4.

The sweep was significant because it helps USC’s chances of making the NCAA Tournament.

The attendance was 713, which is better than the pre-series average of 454 per game.


22 thoughts on “USC Continues To Roll

      1. Oh Tirebiter, you got me good with that one
        “Right TB, take your ‘Fake-Queer’ stuff to a hot
        Anne Hathaway and say goodbye to your ‘boyfriends’
        I never respond to this TB tuberculosis but it is Easter Sunday
        time to dispose of All Negative things in my mind
        It’s Easter!– Oh, I already said that


  1. USC had a scrimmage tonight that wasn’t open to the media or the public? What’s the benefit in that? Show your hand and let the other teams try to stop you.

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  2. hi john, sinc you got 22 thousund twittur followurs and missus justowns has zero twittur followurs, maybe u cood send a few of yur followurs her way, othurwise it is just two depressin, cuz nobudy, even missus justowns, shouldn’t get shut out on twittur followurs. Thx, missus EdG

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    1. — Couldn’t put it better, Ed– So many American Poor or Near-Poor,
      can’t even tell the difference anymore, and the declining Middle-Class
      has trouble paying their Own bills, charity suffers.

      But darn-it Eddie if it ‘ain’t’ Easter, time to think of all the Miracles on this day,
      although I’d accept even one semi-miracle these days

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  3. the reluctant one almost seems like he is reporting something positive,guess wolfie has to write something good about SC sports once in a while

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    1. Yes Charles, it was reported that Jackson was ‘starting to feel like himself,’
      that he was tired of feeling like other people all the time
      so he decided to return to himself
      (or something like that)

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      1. Ha!
        Not being someone else: Always a good way to go…..


  4. All is good in Trojan Land, I think.
    Thanks to Mr. Wolf for keeping all engaged, even during this quiet time.

    Wishing you all a wonderful Easter Sunday.

    For those of you celebrating the Passover, I hope it is a nice event and a special seder(s).

    For those of you observing Ramadan, Ramadan Kareem.

    “See” you all soon.

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