USC Spring Game Will Be Televised (With A Catch)

There’s been little said about the USC spring game after last season’s game was on ESPN.

Well, today it was revealed the game Saturday will be on the Pac-12 Network. For a lot of fans, that’s almost the same as no TV if they don’t get the network.

It’s better than nothing, I suppose. Why can’t the Pac-12 Network ever offer a free event to non-subscribers on the Internet?

Ted Robinson and Yogi Roth will call the game. In the case of Roth, that means nary a critical word of analysis on USC.


15 thoughts on “USC Spring Game Will Be Televised (With A Catch)

  1. Roth: “Great News for USC Fans! The Defense stopped that drive!”
    “More Great News for USC fans! The Offense scored on the Defense!”
    Time Correction: 9 am for Maui fans!


    1. Scott: “I would be honored to have you both over for the game.”


  2. Again we see what an awful job the PAC-12 channel does. This should be a huge event with national coverage and it should be one of the top, if not the very top spring game in America. But? No!

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  3. There have been times where I was able to stream the Pac-12 live stream without having to log in with our cable account. I think they know there are times when they have no business requiring a log on.

    So some of you may want to to try it on Saturday.

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  4. Scott… PAC12 needs you to call the game, so us Fanboys get an unbiased, objective account of the game. Keep it simple the blog dunce gets lost in translation


  5. In the case of Roth it also means him spending the whole hour talking about other things when you want to hear which guy is running the ball and who just made that catch. I end up watching the whole scrimmage and I really don’t know who did what.


  6. With all this stress over the spring game, it’s time to sit back and enjoy a Tansheiser Busch natural lite. We can all be so inclusive if we do.


  7. My sisters uncle will be at the game-with his cousin -in-law. They got their tickets cheap from craigslist. They are down front and scored the tix for $300 each. Who is Yogi? Is he a bear?


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