USC Notes: What Does Caleb Williams Need To Improve?

Lincoln Riley talked about why Caleb Williams played only one series yesterday.

“He’s played a lot of football. My job is to look at it and see what we can get the most out of today. I don’t know that playing two or three more series changes anything for Caleb in September, October or November.

“For a guy like Miller Moss, who hasn’t had a lot of live game snaps, these are invaluable. For a guy like Malachi Nelson or Jake Jensen, this is their first time to really do it. Malachi especially, being a true freshman. These snaps are way, way more valuable to those guys than maybe somebody that’s played the amount of ball that Caleb has. He had a good first series.”

Riley also talked about what Williams needs to improve?
“Gosh it’s hard to narrow down one thing. He needs to get coached a lot better at a lot of things. I think that’s the good answer. I think consistency in situations, kind of situation mastery. He did some really good things in the last year, but there’some things that we would want back. There’s learning the position, learning the offense, learning the routes, learning how to execute, and then you take it, and the game situation can change a lot of that. You have to be able to process because the situation can change from down to down. We’ve really worked hard on that. It was good last year; it needs to
be great this year.”

REACTION: I would say Williams needs to prove he can consistently throw the deep ball. One reason for that is Riley didn’t like to throw deep much last season.

  • If you been waiting for USC baseball to have a rough weekend, the Trojans lost the first two games of their series with Oregon State this weekend. The teams play the finale today.
  • Keegan Patterson, a walk-on quarterback from Longmont, Colo., has entered the transfer portal.

38 thoughts on “USC Notes: What Does Caleb Williams Need To Improve?

  1. The reason Caleb looked so impressive taking off from the pocket last year was: the pocket broke down.
    The reason Caleb didn’t throw more long balls last year was: the pocket broke down.

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      1. Tebow/Obama,
        Please heed these wise & beautiful words:
        “Who can say who’s a girl? Or a boy? ”
        —Michele [tebow] Obama

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      2. john, now im wundering whethur buzz aldryn ‘n the appollo crew were spendin there time payntin there toenayls durin all thoze hourz that thay wur supposd to be on the moon but i gess insted thay wur at one of them manipedi salons rite here on urth. smdh

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    1. Keegan wanted to compete but LR say: “CW the boss of me.”

      LR say: “CW “the Destroyer” will play even if he in a wheel chair.” “‘Cuse me, I have to buff and paint CW’s fingernails with pussy pink polish.”

      Cue: “Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree”


  2. As if Caleb never threw the ball deep last year? Wolf, stick to being a fishwife. Scott, why throw 50 yards when 15 gets you a first? USC saw a ton of two deep and three deep with safety help on Jordan Addison. With so much man to man Caleb had more room to scramble.

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    1. Kinda true —but you can’t say last year’s offense was exactly stretching the defense. I re-watched the first Utah game and nearly the whole game was being played on about 20 yards of field. Utah’s safeties were SO far up.


  3. Before the Spring game on the PAC12 network they had the Ucla game on football in 60. I totally forgot how we squeaked in that game. NO defense to speak of. If the big 0 hadn’t been out of position, where he luckily intercepted the last pass from DTR, the score might have been different. Then the Spring Game, one fast appearance by the first offensive unit and pop goes the defense. The only fact I can use is the limited time transfers had to learn the defense. Hopefully someone will teach tackling between now and late August or the over/under odds are going to be in the 100s

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  4. LR say: “F**k off, I’m busy doing ‘the Destroyer’s’ toenails in pussy pink. Who knew this could be sooooo fun.”

    #Polish on


    1. My dear friend Owns,
      Switch out Lincoln and Caleb for Jill and Joe [or even Hunter] and I’m laughing…

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  5. Lucky Hank (about a college professor) on AMC ended tonight with this tune. It was too wonderful not to share and I’ll bet brings back some memories for a few on the board! Goodnight, Gents (& the 2-3 Ladies here)! 🎩

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  6. Start Recruiting Defensive Lineman that can Tackle and Stop the Run… This needs to be Taken care of…right Now. Fight on


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