Monday Notes: USC And Texas Pursue Transfer

USC and Texas are the leaders for Georgia defensive tackle Bear Alexander, who entered the transfer portal Saturday.

Alexander had two tackles in the championship game vs. TCU but he was not starting in spring practice. So, of course, it meant he must leave.

  • USC offensive tackle Courtland Ford entered the transfer portal Sunday and will visit Kentucky later this week per Kentucky Sports Radio.
  • Colorado has had seven players enter the transfer portal since Saturday.
  • USC baseball was swept by Oregon State over the weekend. USC is 21-13-1 overall and has a big three-game series this week with UCLA. The Trojan are no longer ranked in the Baseball America Top 25.
  • USC women’s track lasted one week as the nation’s No. 1-ranked team by the U.S. Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association. This week, the Trojans are No. 6.
  • Here are the spring-game crowds from the weekend: Ohio State: 75,122; Penn State: 68,000; Tennessee: 58,473.
  • Nebraska has changed the look of its mascot, Herbie Husker.

42 thoughts on “Monday Notes: USC And Texas Pursue Transfer

  1. SUCC practice game announced attendance, 25k and change.

    Actual attendance, maybe 4k and change. Clown U, worse than Trump with attendance numbers.


      1. Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, such vicious, third grade level repartee…I am shocked!

        #SUCC 2023 FB: 8 – 4…


    1. And where will UCLA have their spring game? The 80 yard field? Rose Bowl after the Galaxy play LAFC? Allison Felix field is available for rent!

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    2. Numbers are important. A total of at least NINE Biden family members were involved in the Biden Crime Family’s influence peddling and money laundering schemes.

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      1. Gabby,

        Which family is more dangerous, the Corleone’s or the Biden’s. At least you knew that the Corleone’s were mafia. Is their an irish mafia or is that oxymoron? I gots to know.


    3. Just Rent,

      I was at the spring game for SC. Yeah you are about right, in the 25k range. However, that is 25k more than ugly will have at their spring game. Also, don’t forget the 90 year tradition of jumping over the wall. U Clowns Lose Again.


      1. That is a little too graphic, Ed, I like the Abe Lincoln men-women differences approach better–
        When President Lincoln was in a Civil War hospital he was told by an unfortunate
        soldier how he had been shot in the testicles and that a young nurse kept pressing him for where he had been hit and the soldier was too embarrassed to tell her.
        So Lincoln stepped in and said, “Young lady, where this soldier has been shot
        the shot would have missed you.”

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      2. Hi Ed, how are you this Monday afternoon? Do you think it’s possible to chat more about your peenus, because I miss getting horny while I read your purposely misspelled post … lol 😂. Ya Dumb Ass 😂. Sometimes I think ur me 😂


  2. You ever feel like not working much on a Monday–
    It looks like Herbie Husker kept losing weight until he now sports a 32 inch waist

    The disgruntles– A Bear, a Ford and 7 Buffaloes enter the Portal
    We are getting closer to the day when only AIs will be playing football

    If you have ever been to 2-street downtown Columbus, Ohio
    I too would have been at the meaningless Ohio St. Scrimmage game
    And speaking of which, I didn’t think I was watching even a semblance of a football game when an SC defensive player helped a Trojan offensive player up from the turf.

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      1. Henry Ford: “I can do 12 months worth of work in 9 months….but I can’t get 12 months of work done in 12 months.”
        [btw, No judge in New York, Los Angeles or San Francisco puts in more than 2 hours of bench time a day]….


  3. Two sad and lonely haters on a USC board. How’s that not Trump-like behavior?

    What players do during a practice shouldn’t bother anybody unless it leads to bad habits or behavior.

    If Texas wants a disgruntled ex-champion then go for it. USC needs any first round linemen they can get. The staff can’t be so picky when a possible difference maker could be available. Something tells me that there is more going on than just “I didn’t start the spring ball game” more like “your lazy and these other guys are hungrier than you-get over yourself or GTFO”


    1. Since ‘World’ is in one of his usual critical moods perhaps it should be pointed out that the term is “you’re lazy,” not “your lazy,” or maybe you’re lazy, lazy

      I better get back to work, never trust an idle man

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      1. Hey counselor your story about Abe Lincoln reminds one of that line Eli Wallach (Tuco) used in ‘The Good The Bad and The Ugly’. As Wallach is shaking a dying soldier trying to get the location of the hidden gold. The dying soldier painfully asks “…who are you?”
        Wallach replies “I’m Lincoln’s grandfather!”

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  4. i saw a promo for a streaming show about the evolution of barbie away from an idealized shape. looks like herbie husker is going in the opposite direction – looking trim and buff. i bet most of the cornhuskers fans look more like the old mascot.

    did i just body-shame a whole state?


    1. Hey dingle-berry, please explain Fox F**k News and why it shouldn’t be called Fox F**k, Ratpublican, Propaganda, Bull Sh*t.


  5. I think Alexander will probably go to Texas. First of all he’s from Texas. Secondly, Texas will offer him more money and usually(not always) these kids will follow the money. I really hope I’m wrong

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  6. USC fans haven’t recovered from the Heltonian epoc. Spring games under Helton not much more than poorly organized practices.Come to think of it, so we’re most fall games. Even the TMB stopped coming to Helton era Spring pillow fights. We may recover someday.


    1. USC fans have the same derangement syndrome about Helton that Democrats have about Trump. It changed them forever and not for the better.


  7. TCU will be the lead for Bear. Austin does not have a coach in Bo Davis that he has a relationship with. Only money will convince him to play for Sarkisian. Oregon has a better chance to sign Bear Alexander. His old school is in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. And Lanning was his primary recruiter at Georgia. He also decommitted from Georgia but rejoined the school only to leave with players hinting about removing selfish issues to be more united.


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