USC Notes: Defensive Tackle Set To Visit

Georgia defensie tackle Bear Alexander, who is in the transfer portal, will visit USC this weekend.

  • The tower and globe at the Joseph Medicine Crow building at USC was lit green on Tuesday night. Presumably for Earth Day. Or maybe Carol Folt did it to celebrate her sustainability efforts.
  • Kliff Kingsbury is finally on the USC campus. He showed up at Devon Kennard’s book signing on Tuesday at the bookstore.

27 thoughts on “USC Notes: Defensive Tackle Set To Visit

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    1. Hello again Ed, let me finish my lessons on how to purposely misspell words before I answer anymore of yours/ mine posts. I want to make sure I sound like a Dumb Fuc just like you! Ok, buddy ? 😀👍🏼


  2. Or maybe it was to celebrate ultra sustainability. That tower and globe was once referred to as Rufus von Kleinsmid’s last erection. And it’s still erect.

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