USC Guard Tre White Plans To Transfer

This is a surprising development: USC guard Tre White plans to transfer.

White averaged 9.0 points and 5.0 rebounds last season for the Trojans and was certainly an important part of next season’s plans.

So USC has lost guards Reese Dixon-Waters, White and incoming freshman Silas Demary since the season ended.

One could argue the return of Boogie Ellis is one factor. But I suspect the anticipated arrival of Bronny James is a more relevant development. He will get the royal treatment wherever he goes so other players beware.


25 thoughts on “USC Guard Tre White Plans To Transfer

    1. Hunter is a private citizen…. Nice try!… Plus, the source is the NY Post…. Any half wit knows the Post is a hard right-leaning gossip rag….you try so hard…. Comical!


      1. I laugh when people try to claim it’s about Hunter. They weren’t paying a drug addict tens of millions for the value he added.

        But hey, at least you made your point without any personal attacks or name calling. Was that so hard? I’ll do my best to respond in kind.

        Have a good evening!


      2. My favorite, Gabby, is at the 32 second mark of this one where he claims we have 120M dead from COVID. LOL!! Then they immediately go to a debate where he tells Bernie we have 150M dead from gins since 2007. LMAO!!

        So yeah, it’s laughable that some are trying to act as if his cognitive decline is a recent development.

        But it’s nice to see you admit you’re a halfwit. 🙂


      3. I know who I’m responding to. A Gabby who is honest, nNot one how thinks he honors his dead granddaughter by posting childish crap over & over again under her name. And worse, goes on to state that if she had lived, she would have been trash like him and blamed others for her grandpa’s classless behavior.

        A shame you would smear her memory so. But hey, it’s your choice.


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      5. LOL! Look who’s talking about desperate for acceptance. When posters tell you how petty & foolish you are, you lie to them about me having dishonored your family, when YOU were the one who chose to bring family into the mix. Only one or two have been dumb enough to believe your bs.

        But that’s OK. Keep shitting on your granddaughter’s memory, by acting like a fool and lying about it.


      6. slo troll: But that’s OK. Keep shitting on your granddaughter’s memory, by acting like a fool and lying about it.

        FUCK YOU …..YOU FUCKING FREAK….I am changing my username to “FUCK SLO TROLL”…..


      7. And BTW, other posters have appreciated my efforts to move on. But YOU are the one who has chosen to stay in the gutter.

        I’m not crying about it, the way you like to claim. I’m just calling a spade a spade. If you want to keep throwing shit, I’ll throw it right back. When you stop, I’ll stop. Simple. Even a halfwit such as you SHOULD BE able to comprehend. But then again, being you, I doubt it.


      8. YOU are the one who “crossed the line”. But as others have pointed out, you can dish it out, but can’t take it.

        Keep lying to yourself. You’re the only one buying it. And yeah, keep shitting on your granddaughter’s memory. It’s your choice.


    2. Isn’t it great how there hasn’t been a single word here about Fox News and the $787M they forked over for their election fraud bullshit?
      It’s as if it didn’t happen.


    1. Missus Ed: Bronny is related to a princess. Her name is LeBron. That is why he was able to attend the privileged high school of the elites – Sierra Canyon. And he lives in the privileged community of Bel Aire in his guarded community. He earns 100 million a year with endorsements but hates America because it exploits and oppresses black people like him. If only more white kids would buy the overpriced basketball shoes he endorses that were made by truly oppressed and exploited people such as the Ughurs in China, and buy tickets to Laker games to watch him sit on the bench and nurse his injuries to prolong his career, LeBron would feel better about the racist country he lives in. And USC under Nikias made it abundantly clear, for 20 million you can name a building after yourself. How about the the Prince Harry Building of Male Pride and Genitalia Removal.

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  1. Bronny James and 12,000 angels can’t help the clumsy, inept, bozo BB program, lead by Andyain’twinning, win a natty.

    #Thanks Enfield.


  2. So LeBron hates America? Or does he hate the way America treats people who look like him?

    I guess you just want him to be like Mike. Republicans buys shoes too after all.


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