USC Morning Buzz: Fresh Need From The Portal?

Everyone knows USC wants to beef up the offensive and defensive lines. It’s like a permanent state of being for the football program.

But I hear this week there’s been some chatter inside the program about whether to add another linebacker. The big issue is whether a suitable linebacker will be available. USC already brought in linebackers Mason Cobb (Oklahoma State) and Jamil Muhammad (Georgia State), which was presumably enough.

But there are still some concerns about the defense, so conversations take place. Especially if coaches get a little nervous.

Remember this: Lincoln Riley will have to fire someone if the defense costs him this season.

A lot depends on who enters the portal.

  • Do you think it’s a coincidence USC offered Wyoming offensive guard Emmanuel Pregnon the same day it became public that Florida left guard Ethan White is not transferring to USC?

And I’ll say this again: Everything was going great with those left guards who played in spring practice, right coaches?


12 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Fresh Need From The Portal?

    1. Good Morning Ed.G. Do you have any good Peenus stories today ? I kinda miss you talking about it every day. Btw, I’m almost finished with my lessons on how to purposely misspell my words. So once I’m done, I’ll definitely come across as a Dumb Ass just like you/me. 😀👍🏼.


  1. You can never have enough O and D line players right! Every team thinks that way including Alabama and Georgia. That’s why you see their names always included in every decent lineman that appears on the portal. I’d much rather have them quickly try to get another guy any chance that they can, especially if you just lost a guy you thought you had. Good job coaches. I appreciate that you are trying to make the team as good as you can make it. Every chance that you can! Isn’t that what they are supposed to do!


  2. No coach truly knows how a prospect will work out until he sees how the kid
    reacts in a real game. It’s called practice because, well, it’s practice

    Prediction– I doubt if Wiley has ever paid this much attention to the defense,
    so it seems he finally gets that he needs defense along with his offense-hobby

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  3. Whatever happened to that LJ guy, this new one is colored an ugly-wacko shade
    I am lying low until this ‘hiding-behind-a- computer-screen’ coward gets bored

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    1. The impostor seems as upset by you as he is with Ed. I’m not sure what you did to trigger him but I’d take it as a compliment that of all the characters on this blog, he’s chosen you to poorly imitate.


  4. I think the real issues with USC defense are primarily the inability to set the edge and the gaps in the defensive line on runs.

    Sure they could try to bring in another linebacker, but how about coaching up the guys they have? We are not lacking athleticism in the linebackers. Is Brian Odom’s coaching the problem? We never hear much about him.

    I think we need Bear and one more defensive line player, or maybe an edge guy. Would be nice if Braylen Shelby could come in and play at a high level.


  5. I have another solution for the linebackers. Keep Shane Lee off the field. There are plays where he is right in place to make a tackle and the guy runs right past him. So, just take Shane Lee off the field. He is not getting any better.

    This is a tough decision, because he is a “team leader”. But you cant have a team leader who sucks at his position. It sends the message that playing time is not based on results.


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