USC Loses Florida Lineman

Ethan White, the offensive guard from Florida who was a second-team all-SEC selection last season, will not be transferring to USC, according to On3 sports.

It had started to look suspicious that White wasn’t yet at USC and now this report confirms he is not coming. White was supposed to start at left guard for USC. This also explains why USC is recruiting Houston transfer Cam’Ron Johnson, who is scheduled to visit this weekend.


38 thoughts on “USC Loses Florida Lineman

    1. As usual, when SUCC must compete, it can’t. Oh well, some things don’t change.

      #LR say: “CW the boss of me.”


      1. Just Rent,

        You are right, SC has never competed. However, they have bitch slapped the red headed step child called ugly. SC owns ugly like a $2 dollar mule that ugly is.


  1. This maneuvering from one “school” to another is worse than professional defections
    At least in the NFL a player has to go through some channels.
    Maybe this doesn’t bother the ‘pro’ fans, but college used to be different


    1. Hello again Ed, I’m still waiting on you to talk about your peenus, do you still sing into it like a microphone 🎤 ? Btw, I’m still learning how to purposely misspell words like a dumb Mutha Fucca too. 😀. Anyway, I’m getting ready to go create more characters, I’ll talk to you/me later


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        And another person: …..I really can’t believe you attended USC? YOU must admit you have turned this blog into hating Biden for a long time since Wolf changed
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      1. My president reversed everything the Republicans did. See how good it has turned out? Four more years!


      2. ps….Please provide the Republican platform to fix the so-called problems…..details.

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  2. Is SC too offense heavy? I thought the defense was the Achilles heel? I am not a math prodigy but it sure seemed like the defense gave up lots of points last year.


  3. Apparently, ON3 reporters have sources within the USC football program who can confirm this type of information. What a concept. Amazing what happens when reporters don’t unfairly attack the program. Hail Caesar.


    1. With 10 minutes to go and a 12 point lead…SUCC’s FB team rides the bus home, a debased loser.

      PH, do you mean that Caesar?


      1. Yes Owns, that Caesar. Came within a few seconds of winning 34 games in a row and a third straight national championship. But to you he is a “debased loser.” I think UCLA was interviewing coaches at the time and ultimately settled on Karl Dorral. Do you think Karl was better than Pete, the debased loser?


      1. Another former outstanding, USC FB player checks out way to early. He fought long and hard…time to RIEP.


  4. I’ll take a guy named Cam’Ron over Ethan any day of the week.

    But someone please tell me if it’s CAM’ron or cam’RON?


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