USC Wins Third Straight NCAA Beach Volleyball Title

USC defeated UCLA ,3-2, today to win the NCAA title in Beach Volleyball. It was the Trojans’ third consecutive NCAA title in the sport.

The Nourse twins, Nicole and Audrey, delivered the victory in the final match, 15-11, with the teams tied at 2-2.

30 thoughts on “USC Wins Third Straight NCAA Beach Volleyball Title

  1. Not many gave them a chance to repeat this season, but these girls played with a combination of talent, heart, and excellent coaching. Well done ladies!

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    1. Actually So. Cal you have a BVB natty. Your ELITE(Ha-Ha) FB team doesn’t have shit except pathetic, choka, choka, choka, choka choke losses to Utah in Vegas and Tulane.

      When was the last time a bozo men’s athletic team won a natty. Take your time So. Cal.


  2. It is interesting how Mr. Wolf at my urging deleted the nastiness associated with the wrongful use of his name but left my imposter’s vulgarity to stand, I have lost interest in his blog, but the reaction of the SC ladies to their sucla victory deserves a comment for how they erupt with such unbrideled passionate smiles and laughter, unlike their usually stoic counterparts.

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    1. None of it is any worse than my stalker’s, who was likely the Wolf imposter based on the posts. Hard to hide the mental issues from which she suffers.


      1. So Cal —
        At least you guys have some genuinely witty exchanges —- reminds me of the old time comedians like London Lee and Jackie Vernon going on talk shows and insulting each other for a solid half hour….


    1. How can you cay that?! According to Fox Sports Women’s Volleyball ranks 67th in ratings….

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      1. Parcel —the crappy thing is: they, apparently, weren’t even wearing bikinis —- looks like one pieces from Scott’s photos….


      2. I’m not exactly disappointed with what #6 from the Lady Bruins is wearing or how she wears it.


  3. Memo to: Ms. Helton

    Clown U: Est. 1886; 108 total NCAA sanctioned NC’s. But that total includes bozo FB claimed, NCAA unsanctioned, voted FB NC’s. Which is total BS in my view. Hell, Emperor Garrett unilaterally awarded bozo FB a homey, 1930′ s NC on his volition…WTF!

    UCLA: Est. 1920: Despite SUCC’s 34 year athletic head start, UCLA has earned 121 NC’s in 20 different sports, the only way, the hard way; via NCAA sanctioned tournament competition.

    UCLA didn’t need to fat cat bribe a bunch of broke, hungry, sleazy, thirsty sports journalist to win their NC’s.

    #Just asking for So Cal, has the KC bunco squad found the missing third jersey?

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    1. I thought we established Prince Harry swiped it …and Meghan wore it while watching the coronation on TV from poolside [with Brad Pitt] ….


    2. Ron Burgandy: “….yeah, okay…but isn’t 108 more than 121…?”


  4. Hard competing? Ask Bobby Knight how he feels about John Wooden, the same guru who hated Walt Hazzard because he kept hitting his teammates in the head during practice with the ball. The same cheating asz school that didn’t have a problem with Sam Gilbert buying players and hookers for the sanctimonious Wooden, who used JD Morgan as an excuse as to why he didn’t speak up. Get over yourself, Owns. UCLA is just as crooked as any school out there. 121 championships? Didn’t know the NCAA counted ping pong championships.


  5. Beach Volleyball is one of the few sports left in the NCAA that is still truly a sport. It’s one in which PED’s are of de minimus value and one that isn’t cost prohibitive for small schools. It sure doesn’t cost much for a volleyball net and a load of sand. It requires minimal investment and yet most schools overlook the sport. It’s too bad that the NCAA is more concerned with giant stadiums and revenue than they are about growing a sport in which any college can instantly become competitive regardless of size. Too bad the NCAA is literally purposely avoiding a terrific, affordable team sport that has tremendous potential for being a major TV revenue source. It’s also a missed opportunity for the athletes and potential athletes because it’s a sport that just about anyone can play and it’s also one of the few sports where you can have men’s, women’s and mixed teams. It’s hard to believe but at one time the NCAA had a mission to promote collegiate athletics in order to promote physical fitness. Beach Volleyball is an excellent sport for the spectators and it’s one of the most accessible sports ever


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