USC Notes: The Blowhard Brigade Discovers Basketball

I normally avoid Skip Bayless. But then he says something outlandish about USC and it comes across my radar and it irritates me.

Here is what he said Monday about Bronny James committing to USC: “This team is now loaded and it has national championship potential now that Bronny’s part of it.”

Has he even seen Bronny play? Maybe. But to say James now makes USC national title contenders is ludricrous. I bet Bayless didn’t even know three players on the USC team before he said that. Now a guy who isn’t projected to start is the finishing touch for NCAA championship contenders?

There’s nothing wrong with saying James is a good player who has a lot of potential. But why go over the top? It doesn’t help James. But then the whole point is to draw attention to Bayless.
  • Gordon Lightfoot was our video of the week in last Friday’s notes column and here’s a story I learned afterward that is worth repeating.

In 1985, Lightfoot discovered that Whitney Houston’s hit song, “The Greatest Love of All” lifted 24 bars from his own 1970 hit, “If You Could Read My Mind.”

Said Lightfoot: “It was really obvious and I noticed it. So what I did was I actually initiated a lawsuit for plagiarism but three weeks later I let it go because I understood that it was affecting Whitney Houston who had an appearance coming up at the Grammy Awards and the suit wasn’t anything to do with her. The suit was against her producer (and the song’s co-writer), Michael Masser. Now they’re dragging Whitney into this and I withdrew it. I said, `Forget it. We’re withdrawing this.’ ”

What a gesture. Is there any chance another artist today would withdraw a lawsuit like that? I hope Houston thanked him.


35 thoughts on “USC Notes: The Blowhard Brigade Discovers Basketball

    1. “USC Notes: The Blowhard Brigade Discovers Basketball”

      ‘Ol Mule Shoe and his boyfriend Alex Grinch were at the Lakers/Warriors game?


  1. You dismiss a lawsuit against a producer who plagiarized a song because the artist who performed it was upset and she had an upcoming Grammy appearance. The artist wasn’t sued. Bullsh*t. This makes no sense.


    1. He got paid and signed an NDA, same as Stormy did. 🙂

      “In 1987, Lightfoot sued composer Michael Masser, alleging that he plagiarized bars and melody from “If You Could Read My Mind” for the Whitney Houston hit “The Greatest Love of All.” Lightfoot had stated that he didn’t want the lawsuit to dim Houston’s light or negatively impact her career since she wasn’t at fault. Masser issued a public apology to Lightfoot, and the case was settled out of court.”

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      1. “Settled out of court” with a NDA means Lightfoot received a payment from the producer. He didn’t walk away from millions of dollars out of concern that Whitney would be upset and not at her best for the Grammys. This is a non story. Lightfoot got his money. No charity here.


      1. It’s takes two. Trump is a serial adulterer.

        Someday, hopefully soon, conservatives will wake up and boot the guy.


      2. We say we don’t like him but we constantly defend him and make excuses for him.


    1. Agree CR. I would rather watch Rich Bayless on PBS, the chef from Chicago, teach us how to make authentic Mexican carnitas using pork lard . Rich is Skip’s brother. Skip once said in an interview that he didn’t like his brother or father and had not seen either one in over 20 years. A gem of a guy.

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  2. The jury deliberated 5 minutes and found Don Chee-O guilty. The jury also awarded E. Jean Carroll $5,000,000 for sexual battery and defamation committed by the guilty Don “Not my type” Chee-O.

    Naturally Don Chee-O will appeal the verdict ’cause in his own words “…the trial was unfair.”

    How is a trial unfair if the defendant doesn’t offer a defense?

    Just asking for Don Chee-O’s old lady.


      1. Wow. Things are getting ugly, So Cal….


      2. Because God made them that way.

        But nice of you to notice. I thought you only admired me because of my incredible physique.


    1. Nothing here….until & unless it’s upheld on appeal…. [which it won’t be]…..


      1. MG,
        For a guy who claims to not like Trump you sure spend a lot of time defending him. What’s up with that?
        Also what about his usual bullshit that he wasn’t allowed to testify when in fact he absolutely was and declined?


      1. A guy with a twitter account posts a photo of a hand written note. I see no reason to doubt the credibility!
        Hooray for our side!


      2. Ashley has never disputed the contents (as reported) of her diary.

        The only thing she’s disputed is how the managers of the rehab house got ahold of it. They say she left it behind when she moved out, which is very believable as she probably hid it and could have easily forgotten about it when packing.

        She says they stole it.


      3. We Democrats are such a full mooner libs we deny that Biden’s daughter wrote in her own diary her father showered with her, even though all the media admit the diary was hers.

        “Two Florida residents have pleaded guilty to stealing the diary of Ashley Biden, President Joe Biden’s youngest daughter, and then selling it to right-wing activist group Project Veritas, the Justice Department announced Thursday.
        Aimee Harris, 40, and Robert Kurlander, 58, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit interstate transportation of stolen property involving the theft of personal belongings of an immediate family member of a then-former government official for taking several items belonging to Ashley Biden in September 2020. The charge carries a maximum of five years in prison.
        Kurlander has also agreed to cooperate with the government.
        Though Ashley Biden, 41, is not named in the court documents, a source familiar with the case confirmed they were her belongings.
        “Harris and Kurlander stole personal property from an immediate family member of a candidate for national political office,” U.S. Attorney Damian Williams said in a statement. “They sold the property to an organization in New York for $40,000 and even returned to take more of the victim’s property when asked to do so.”

        According to the diary, Ashley wrote that her father and our president took showers with her when she was young girl, fueling her sex-addiction.
        Inside a January 2019 diary entry, she wrote “I remember having sex with friends @ a young age; showers w/ my dad.”


      4. Ah, thanks for the update. I didn’t realize anyone copped to it.

        But doesn’t change the fact she’s never disputed the contents. They are in denial about him being a pedo with his own daughter, same way they’re in denial about his dementia and the way he’s been bought off by several foreign entities.


      5. Thanks for clarifying. Of course none of us have an issue with someone stealing a diary and selling it to a hyper partisan website.
        I think the Bible even says there’s nothing wrong with that.


      6. You’re right, MLO. Stealing a diary is much worse than being a pedophile.

        The rehab managers should get the chair! Or better yet, a firing squad!!


      7. We Democrats have a long tradition of stealing docs and putting them on hyper partisan media going back to Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers being published by the hyper partisan NY Times. It’s no fairs when it is done to us.


      8. We constantly rip the MSM but give credance to Project Veritas.
        How much further can we go before people start to notice our hypocricy?


  3. You stupid idiots. Stay out of my field of expertise. Morons, the producer had Whitney sang a song that GEORGE BENSON recorded!!!! You’re such a dumbass to call Whitney a Houston a whore when I saw your momma turning tricks on Figueroa during the seventies!!! Stop wiring and die Socal!!! She’s dead and so is your brain, just like Lightfoot suing the wrong person!! Gordon knew that Narada didn’t get clearance like Benson did, who performed with Gordon.


    1. Based on the context, I think So Cal was calling Stormy Daniels a whore….


      1. Yeah, that was pretty obvious, MG.

        We appear to have another person who reads what they want to read. (Or she’s posting under an alias.)


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