USC Notes: You Just Never Know Who Graduated

Bronny James will be just another celebrity offspring at USC.

Kobe Bryant’s daughter already goes to USC.

And last week’s USC graduation included the daughter of the King and Queen of Jordan, who are pictured here speaking to the Obamas.

  • Also graduating: Ava Sambora, the daughter of Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora.
  • Last weekend’s Eurovision is always full of acts where you’re not sure if you are having a dream or a nightmare.
  • With USC having a major gaffe referring to former athletic director Willis O. Hunter as Willis O’Hunter, maybe they need to make sure Tim O’Tessalone checks these things.

Tessalone retired last year but a friend said that on a podcast, Tessalone said he worked 60 hours the first week after his “retirement” from USC. I’m not listening to the podcast so I have to take my friend’s word for it.


18 thoughts on “USC Notes: You Just Never Know Who Graduated

  1. Imagine if Bronny James and Kobe’s Daughter hooked up and had basketball playing children together? A son could almost be as good as Michael Jordan.


  2. I once had the idea of writing an autobiography called, “Memoirs of a Nobody,”
    and if it sold I would follow up with “How I became a Somebody”


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