USC Beats UCLA In Pac-12 Tournament

Austin Overn had a 3-run homer and 2-run triple as USC defeated UCLA in the first round of the Pac-12 Tournament in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Overn’s triple was his nation-leading 14th of the season.

It’s a big victory for the Trojans (34-22-1), who enhanced their chances for an NCAA Tournament bid. USC will now play Washington on Thursday at 2:30 p.m. The Trojans’ top starting pitchers should be available for that game with a week’s rest.

28 thoughts on “USC Beats UCLA In Pac-12 Tournament

  1. My neighbor just told me UCLA’s record in baseball this year was 24-27 [or 27-24 –what’s the difference?]. They were picked to place 2nd in the Pac 12. This shameful.
    Is it possible they’ll drop baseball to concentrate on football….well, not football. Is it possible they’ll drop baseball and football to concentrate on basketball?

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    1. Bohn [watching the game thru bittersweet tears at the neighborhood bar]……

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      1. Ironic you’d mention bats and Carol in the same sentence, Rushmore…
        Where are you Mister Owns?
        Defend Yourself!
        –The Beach Boys

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    1. Impossible…..


  2. Man it is so sweet knowing that bel-air tech got knocked out by our 1st year coach for the Pac-12 Conf. Title.

    Savage is a darn good coach…..Pat Haden tried very hard to get him to return to USC where he was an assistant under Gillespie when USC won its’ last ntl’ title in 1998.

    It has taken 25 years since our last title we have our man in Andy Stankiewicz!

    brewies double beat down …. oh what would ‘the peckerwood’ do?

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      1. Oooo that’s a good one!

        “….I have a clear conscience….made sure Denny Crum never was head coach….always avoided playing against that cheater Jerry Tarkanian and well Pete Newell we never felt the need to play USF same with IN or any of those other ‘questionable’ programs – KY, KS, Duke, NC, Louisville

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  3. Right after he’s done biting his pillow, Tebowobama/Impostor should show up to make another one of his asinine comments.


      1. That was ‘class,’ T.O.– usually we don’t place a ‘cl’ in front of that word regarding most of your comments.


  4. Scooter,

    This is my opinion, if SC beats Washginton or is invited to the semifinals, then SC is in the ncaa tournament. I also believe they are in now since they won their first game in the tourney.


      1. Gabby(Real),

        SC’s final conference record is 17-13. There overall record is 34-22-1. Thy finished in fourth place. However, what gets them in is that they took 7 out of 10 series including Stanford, asu, oregon, utah, wsu, ugly, and others. Ptiching is one of the best in the conference and so is hitting. We will see.


  5. Ah Owns, your favorite school couldn’t beat a bunch of Methodists in baseball. A sport that UCLA ruled over USC for so long. But now, UCLA has become a washed up, used to be brilliant program with no prospects of ever gaining the success that they’ve achieved in the past.

    In short, UCLA is mediocre in baseball, beach volleyball, softball, basketball and football with only the past to comfort themselves while USC is succeeding in the present. Especially over UCLA!


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