Here Are USC Baseball’s Tournament Scenarios

USC plays Washington today at 2:30 p.m. in the Pac-12 Baseball Tournament. Here are the scenarios for the tournament:


8 thoughts on “Here Are USC Baseball’s Tournament Scenarios

  1. Trojans lose to UW 8 – 3. All three teams in their Pool are 1 & 1 so
    why does Washington move on? Trojans are a mediocre road team
    away from Dedeaux Field. Starting pitching has fallen apart lately.


  2. Just like the defense. Dudes are running on fumes at the end of the season. Looks like Pitching needs to be addressed next season.

    Still better than the bRUINed.


  3. Something smells rotten on the farm. ASU won on Thursday and a win by Stanford over Oregon gets the Trojans to the semifinals.
    Stanford led 6 to 3 after 7 innings. All of a sudden no pitching with one run allowed in the 8th, 2 runs in the 9th to tie and 2 more runs in the tenth to win the game. Stanford had already qualified to move on to
    the final four. Any conspiracy theorist out there? No love lost
    between the schools.


  4. Greetings sport fans, well that was humdinger nba contest sat night as miamis bam and butler struggled with exhaustion boston pulled one of the fire in last second!!!oneof the better nba games recently! hey denver is sitting there enjoying this as these teams are battering each other ! looks like denver has big advantage at this point Nba champs looks like it ! Regards , E.


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