USC Coaches’ Clinic Offerings

The USC coaches’ clinic is March 30-31. And the biggest names are USC coach Clay Helton, Stanford coach David Shaw and Fresno State coach Jeff Tedford. Talk about a charisma fest. Shaw might be the most dynamic speaker of the trio and that is not saying much. Perhaps the three can discuss who has won the most state titles, which became an accomplishment when Helton … Continue reading USC Coaches’ Clinic Offerings

The Nick Saban Method

It is always worth watching Nick Saban hire assistant coaches. Saban lost his top-notch defensive line coach, Karl Dunbar, to the Pittsburgh Steelers. So he goes and hires Miami defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski. Now there is a connection of sorts: Kuligowski played at Toledo in 1990 when Saban was the head coach for one season. But more importantly, Kuligowski coached five first-round picks at Missouri and … Continue reading The Nick Saban Method

USC Roster Changes

Since it has been a couple weeks since I blogged, let’s update the USC roster. Center Cole Smith is retiring from football because of arthritic knees.  I hear offensive lineman Roy Hemsley is transferring to San Diego State. And I’ve also heard that offensive tackle Nathan Smith is also considering his future after missing last season following knee surgery. That would mean three less offensive … Continue reading USC Roster Changes