About That Quarterback Coach Job . . .

An NFL source tells me that a former NFL head coach and long-time pro assistant expressed interest in becoming USC’s quarterbacks coach but was declined because Clay Helton wanted to promote Bryan Ellis as quarterbacks coach.

If Helton has a philosophy, he prefers not to hire outsiders as assistant coaches. Ellis was at Western Kentucky before he came to USC. So was Helton’s brother, Tyson, who left USC in December to go to Tennessee. So was current USC offensive line coach Neil Callaway.

So it did not matter how much knowledge or how good a reputation a former NFL coach had. Maybe Helton would view him as overshadowing everyone else. Or isn’t secure enough to have a big-name assistant. Helton is going to live or die doing it his way.


5 thoughts on “About That Quarterback Coach Job . . .

  1. Scooter, is that really you? I hate to say this, but hopefully you will blog. It has been boring without you. No one to rag on, but since you are here, we can continue. Welcome back.

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  2. If that former NFL head coach was named Mike Martz (the rumor I heard), Helton made a colossal mistake in not snatching him. It’s not like Browne, Fink, Sears or Darnold progressed by leaps and bounds under current staff.


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