Perhaps USC Needs Some Help Hiring An Assistant

With spring practice starting a week from today, USC still does not have a running backs coach. So I will recommend one:

Perhaps Clay Helton should try and hire Tim Skipper, who was the running backs coach at Florida in 2015 and 2016. Skipper was recently hired at UNLV as defensive coordinator. But Helton should view that as a plus since he seems to like coaches he can do multiple positions (see Johnny Nansen).

Skipper was also running backs coach at Fresno State from 2006-08 and has a good reputation in coaching circles. Does USC have any better ideas?


7 thoughts on “Perhaps USC Needs Some Help Hiring An Assistant

    1. Scott will have a feast with this one…. Tim Drevno will be the new RB coach for USC. Fired/Demoted/Pushed out at Michigan, couldn’t get along with the staff at Michigan, not well liked in his first stint at USC, yet he’s making a return to Troy to coach a position he’s never coached before…..


    1. You are ahead of the curve, Amigo—-but a couple of logistical problems need to get hammered out first. O. J. can only coach in Nevada……meaning our running backs will have to live in Las Vegas during spring and fall camp. Swann is working out the details.


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