Sam Darnold Won’t Throw At NFL Combine

USC QB Sam Darnold will not participate in throwing drills at the NFL Combine, according to ESPN. Instead, he will throw at USC Pro Day on March 21.

The advantage of that is Darnold will throw to receivers he is familiar with at USC. And when you are the projected No. 1 pick, everyone is looking for a reason to downgrade you, so it probably makes sense to not throw.


5 thoughts on “Sam Darnold Won’t Throw At NFL Combine

    1. Sam is NOT scared, Charlie. He’s just “saving” himself for the future (it’s a life choice he made after the Western Michigan game and it seems to be working out okay for him……)


      1. MG, my Trojan bro, It’s great to see you alive and kicking in here! BUT…our dear sucla buddy is here, too. LOL!

        Hope your offseason from football is going great, MG!

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  1. Charlie, is that you? Wow, I guess you got out jail after stealing those sun glasses in china. good move. When you said Roto Rooter Jr., we all know you are referring to Rosen. He is lousy and he should not even think about throwing until he signs. He might get injured at the combine. Maybe a concussion, knee problem, elbow problem, ego proble, etc. You take care and don’t let anyone upchuck in your bucket.


    1. Hey, RT! It’s up to us [and the gang] to get this site rolling….and defeat Charlie & all enemies of the crown! [So good to see you, too]!


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