USC Brings Back Tim Drevno

Clay Helton has hired Tim Drevno to be USC’s running backs coach, according to Drevno was USC’s offensive line coach in 2014. So that explains how he got hired: Helton already knew him and that’s how Helton likes to hire people.

This is a fairly safe hire but it doesn’t come close to last year’s hiring of Deland McCullough as running backs coach. For one thing, Drevno has not coached running backs since 1998 at UNLV. He was USC’s run-game coordinator but that’s a lot different than knowing how to coach Stephen Carr or the rest of the tailbacks. McCullough was a running back and knew how to talk to a player like a player.

Also, Jim Harbaugh appears to have forced Drevno out at Michigan. Frankly, if USC hired Drevno back to coach the offensive line you could make the case this is an upgrade from the current staff. Instead, it is a downgrade. That might be harsh on Drevno, but McCullough set a high bar. And Helton lowered by going with another safe choice.


7 thoughts on “USC Brings Back Tim Drevno

  1. Here’s to hoping that Drevno was REALLY hired to take over for Callaway.
    [Of course that leaves us without a running backs coach….but, with Helton, you win some, you lose some]…..


  2. ….so I am confused….is a position coach from UWK better or worse then a posiion coach from UNLV….can you imagine this standard being applied to any academic department at USC….2018 is going to be delightful…

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  3. Drevno did a good job for the one year at Troy. He will lend his expertise on the offensive line while handling the running game which entails both
    for success. Marcus Allen would be the man if they could persuade him to coach running backs instead of being on the sideline for games.


  4. From what I see around the ncaa, coaches hire guys they know and have worked with before. Of course Wolf’s bias is so strong he won’t consider what Drevno is really doing, and that is running the run game, line included. His influence on the o line will be huge, but of course, the author of this blog would never consider anything like that. The negatives just keep on flowing.


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