An Extra Thought On Coaching Staff

Who is going to recruit running backs going forward for USC? Tim Drevno? I suppose this really isn’t a legitimate concern. It would be like saying quarterbacks coach Bryan Ellis will be in charge of recruiting the quarterbacks.

This is where USC is fortunate. USC recruits USC. That means high school players want to come and they really don’t care who the coach is.

Besides, Johnny Nansen can recruit running backs because he was once the USC running backs coach. And Tee Martin can recruit quarterbacks because he once played quarterback at Tennessee, though he coaches wide receivers at USC.

It all makes perfect sense circa 2018 at USC. And it doesn’t really matter because USC is a marquee program that recruits itself.


8 thoughts on “An Extra Thought On Coaching Staff

  1. Which is why when we get super high profile coaches like Pete, it’s the power of 2 – USC + mega coach. What I will say is this. You’ve currently got the balance of shiny object USC and salt-of-the-earth gentleman Clay Helton. In this era of fly-by-night social media nonsense, a guy like Clay is particularly effective. See is closing performance the last 2 seasons. Pretty impeccable.


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