Rule No. 1 Of USC Basketball: Beat Your Archrival

We can talk about USC’s basketball season in many ways. USC prefers to focus on finishing second in the Pac-12 despite missing De’Anthony Melton, Bennie Boatwright and the firing of assistant coach Tony Bland.

But how about this stat: USC has lost four straight to UCLA. More significantly, USC is 0-2 against UCLA this season. Rule No. 1 of basketball is to beat your archrival at least once. UCLA entered Saturday’s game at the Galen Central without guard Jaylon Hands and effectively was down to a seven-man rotation.

So the Melton-Boatwright excuse doesn’t wash as much. Especially when you see who has beaten UCLA in recent weeks. This is where I get frustrated with Andy Enfield. USC led both UCLA games in the second half and lost both. And if you want to blame the FBI investigation, Enfield hired Bland, so he bears responsibility there too.

Whatever happens this season, USC is going to be 0-2 against UCLA, unless the teams meet in the Pac-12 Tournament.


5 thoughts on “Rule No. 1 Of USC Basketball: Beat Your Archrival

  1. Scott —you missed an opportunity to ding Enfield! Not like you! The perfect SW final sentence should’ve read, “USC will be 0-2 against UCLA, unless they meet in the Pac 12 Tournament ….and then they’ll be 0-3.”

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    1. Where do I start. The only loss USC should have this year was to Washington – why ? Washington shot 67% from the field. All other loses, USC was ahead in the second half , lost to UCLA by 11 – USC never changed their defense , as usual. The other loses were in the last minute because we could not rebound nor defend. TOO bad. Well coached in the first half offensively but the losses were caused by poor coaching in the second half – no adjustments – looks like the football team..

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  2. So if they won the Pac 12 tournament and the national championship Wolf would still focus on two losses to UCLA..,,,,,sounds about right.


  3. I remember when SC went 24-2 under Coach Boyd…guess who those losses were against. I don’t blame Boyd, the players choked and lost. Same here, the SC team is a hot /cold streak team except for 2 guys…the rest are not dependable and consistent. When you miss layups and shots around the rim it is you missing, not the coach.


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