The Running Backs Coach Will Coach Pass Protection?

From USC today on running backs coach Tim Drevno’s duties: “USC’s new RB coach will also be in charge of the running game and pass protection.”

So if the running backs coach is in charge of pass protection, what exactly does offensive line Neil Callaway coach do? Coach the offensive guards for the running game?


6 thoughts on “The Running Backs Coach Will Coach Pass Protection?

  1. WKU method of running a football program. Helton is too timid to flat out fire Calloway so he will use another method, internal strife and tension. This is Calloway’s WKU version of the RPO that he ran during his unimpressive stint as a head coach.

    Once again it comes down to Helton was not qualified to cut his teeth as a head coach at this level. Has zero network in the football world. He might be the nicest guy in the room but clearly not the individual to lead this program. Thanks Pat Haden.


  2. Scooter,

    Did you get the information correct? Could you mean that he will coach the running backs and running backs pass protection or the oline pass protection? Let us know. Thank you.


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