USC Does Not Make NCAA Tournament

Jerry Palm was right! USC does not make the NCAA Tournament. UCLA and Arizona State did. I thought being second in the Pac-12 and Pac-12 Tournament would be enough.

But the other truth is USC did not have quality victories. And the Pac-12 was not considered that tough, so being No. 2 is apparently not an accomplishment.

What a comedown for a team ranked No. 10 in the preseason. Even with the losses of De’Anthony Melton and Bennie Boatwright, USC should have breezed into the tournament. But losing at the Galen Center to UCLA was pretty bad. And Washington at the Galen Center. And Princeton at the Galen Center.

USC, with an RPI of 34, is the highest-ranked major conference team ever left out of the NCAA Tournament in the 68-team era.

Bruce Rasmussen, chair of NCAA Tournament selection committee, on Arizona State making the field over USC: “(Arizona State) had a couple outstanding wins early.”

UPDATED: Here is Andy Enfield’s reaction: “We were in shock. I don’t think anyone saw this coming.

“Our team is very disappointed we did not get in the NCAA Tournament. We have 11 wins away from home. And supposedly road wins and neutral wins were valued. Including a lot of Quad 1 and Quad 2 wins.

“If all that matters is the quality of your best win or two on your schedule, then we should set the field in December after the out of conference is complete. They basically discredited our entire league schedule.”


7 thoughts on “USC Does Not Make NCAA Tournament

    1. Very funny, Charlie. We’ll see who gets the last laugh when USC wins a thrilling triple overtime victory in the first round of the NIT!

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    1. No, no Lamont. If sanctions are indeed coming, all the more reason to go out in a blaze of glory winning the opening game of the very fine NIT.


  1. wolfman, i reading that no team EVER with an rpi in the high 40’s, was left out of the field of 64/68. Southern Cal has a RPI of 34…..yeah, that’s what you call sending a message.



  2. Upchuck bucket, you are too stupid to understand the ramification of this. I will explain to you very slowly so you can understand. The Pac 12 had only three teams go to the tournament. Two of them had to play their way in, so really only ONE team got in the team of 64. This has an effect on the Pac 12 for years. However alabama with an 18-15 overall record and and 8-11 league record got in. the sEc got 9 teams in. St. Mary’s was left out yet they brought in Missouri. Just because ugly got in does not mean they will next year. Larry Scott should be fired for this. The PAC 12 was treated like a $2 whore, which is the way ugly is treated. The PAC 12 needs to come together and scream at Larry Scott for not doing his job. Ugly needs us just as we almost need ugly. This horrible treatment will continue until the commissioner screams and demands better treatment.


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