Sunday Buzz: Larry Scott Booed, Is USC In Bubble Trouble?

The highlight of the Pac-12 Tournament was after the USC-Arizona game, when commissioner Larry Scott was roundly booed by the crowd. Most of the fans were from Arizona but I suspect fans of most Pac-12 schools would be happy to boo Scott. Especially the ones who are DirecTV subscribers.

I thought last night USC was in the NCAA Tournament. But CBS Sports tournament guru Jerry Palm actually lists USC as one of his first four teams out.

Palm on USC: “The Trojans have what looks a lot like a typical resume of one of the better non-major conference regular season champions, except those other teams usually have a lot of road wins.  USC beat a couple of good teams, but nobody that is at-large quality.  Middle Tennessee bombing in its conference tournament hurt USC almost as much as it hurt the Blue Raiders.”


2 thoughts on “Sunday Buzz: Larry Scott Booed, Is USC In Bubble Trouble?

  1. As for Larry Scott, don’t boo, vote, those who can remove the incompetent commissioner then vote him out, one of the worst PAC 8-12 commissioners, as for Enfield what happened to the second half of the championship game against Arizona, oh another Helton at the helm.


  2. The basketball team wouldn’t have gone far in the NCAAs but any chance to screw with SC and the NCAA is all for it. When is the McNair case going to end?


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