USC Loses To Arizona, Now Waits For NCAA Berth

USC lost to Arizona, 75-61, in the Pac-12 championship game. USC was outrebounded 42-19. Arizona’s Deandre Ayton had 32 points and 18 rebounds for the Wildcats. Nick Rakocevic led USC with 13 points and made 6-7 shots.

But . . . he did not attempt a shot or free throw in the second half.

So USC will return to Los Angeles and await its fate in the NCAA Tournament. The Trojans have to be in the tournament after finishing second in the conference and reaching the conference championship game. Right?

Andy Enfield after the game made the case for making the NCAA Tournament: ” We have 23 wins. We’re second place in the regular season of the Pac-12, and we’re second place now inthe championship game. We have 12 Top 100 wins. We have an RPI that was 33 going into today. We have 11 wins away from home. We have all the quadrant wins, we have a lot of those too.”


4 thoughts on “USC Loses To Arizona, Now Waits For NCAA Berth

  1. USC did fine —given what they were up against this season. But it might be more merciful if they weren’t invited to the dance.


  2. yeah, they’re safely in. I pity the 7-seed that has to face the Trojans in the first round (a la SMU from last year’s tourney…)


    1. Another crappy job by Enfield in the 2nd half. What was he preaching at halftime to fold in the last part of the game. Rakocevic takes no shots in the 2nd half are you kidding me. Metu did not step up his game against a top center which was very disappointing. He should have stayed in game even with 4 fouls. Needs more weight and another year learning to be tough. Rebounding was atrocious getting only 19 boards vs. 42 for AU. Three pt. shooting inept in big game. Not one top tier win all season in my book..

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  3. Sc will go. However, I think I just saw the NCAA champions win against USC last night. The center and forward were excellent. As is huge while sc looked small to them. Sc needs big bodies.


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