Don’t Let USC Off Hook For Pac-12 Mess

With the Pac-12 in full meltdown, some USC fans will use this as evidence the Trojans deserved to be in the NCAA Tournament. But remember USC went 0-5 against the three teams (Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA) who all got bounced from the NCAA Tournament.

How the Trojans lost to Arizona State was particulary galling. The Sun Devils scored the last nine points of the game. That game probably cost USC its NCAA bid. So if the Pac-12 is terrible, why didn’t USC beat those teams?

And USC football played its part in the Pac-12’s woes. The Trojans’ underachievement and sloppiness culminated in the 24-7 loss to Ohio State in the Cotton Bowl.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Let USC Off Hook For Pac-12 Mess

  1. The PAC 12 is in for years and years of mediocrity due to the cultural shift in California, Asians and Latins just don’t make very good football and basketball players


  2. Not your strongest argument – not even close. Sure, Trojan Hoops lost some terrible games they shouldn’t have lost (Stanford, AZ State, UCLA), but somehow conflating that with SC Football not beating Ohio State, one of the elite teams in the country, is flimsy. The better example was the Wazzou loss.


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