Pac-12 Disaster Zone

See ya, Pac-12!

The Pac-12 is officially out of the NCAA Tournament after Arizona’s stunning loss to Buffalo. That means the conference went 0 for 3 in the tournament. This is on the heels of going 1-8 in bowl games. Oh, and USC and Arizona basketball are currently under FBI investigation.

But hey, it’s the Conference of Champions. Is there any reason DirecTV would add the Pac-12 Network after this week?

Maybe it’s about time the conference stopped bowing to every TV deal and making fans miserable with night kickoffs and start focusing on becoming more consistent in football and basketball instead of the king of the minor sports.


5 thoughts on “Pac-12 Disaster Zone

  1. The sad part is the Trojans lost twice to Arizona both by double digits,
    and twice to worthless ucla and once to fallen ASU. All eliminated in the
    play – in or 1st round. The real disaster is Enfield and his coaching staff
    which needs to be upgraded from top to bottom.

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  2. While you are at it, apply that coaching upgrade to our football team as well. Larry Scott not qualified to run the conference anymore. New leadership needed everywhere.

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  3. The school Presidents aren’t happy with the money ( in their opinion, lack thereof ) they are getting now, you really think Scott isn’t going to sell the PAC’s soul to get more money even if it means having kickoffs at 8pm or 11:30 am to keep his job ?


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