Is USC Showing Some Discipline?

One of the knocks against Clay Helton last season, even within the athletic dept., was that there was too little discipline inside the football program. So it is interesting that cornerback Jack Jones is missing spring practice to “focus on academics” and is suspended for the UNLV because of a team rules violation.

What does that all mean? I’ve been told Jones was not attending classes during the spring semester and that led to the suspension and spring disappearance. Maybe Helton would have done the same thing a year ago. But something needs to change before next season begins.

And it’s not really that harsh a penalty. Jones will miss the UNLV game. But he will be back for the Stanford and Texas games. Which means he can still repeat as an Associated Press third-team All-American.


4 thoughts on “Is USC Showing Some Discipline?

    1. Could something new be in the spring air? Compared to last fall’s ultra harsh and very specific criticisms of Clay as a coach, the gentle phrase “something needs to change” almost sounds like a love letter.


  1. Helton has to be very tough on these guys. Too many mental breakdowns last year on the o line. He has to take away the snowflake card and make them into the oline that USC was known for and that was being tough as nails.


    1. I’m not sure that suspending Jack Jones will make the o-line tougher — but anything’s possible. Let’s suspend Jones for the remaining 11 games, too, and see what happens.


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