Wide Receiver Mycah Pittman Does Not List USC Among Top 10 Schools

Wide receiver Mycah Pittman of Calabasas, the younger brother of USC wide receiver Michael Pittman, did not list USC among his top 10 schools. Pittman listed Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, UCLA and Washington State.

Maybe Pittman thinks USC has too many receivers. Or maybe he is disenchanted with USC after talking to his brother. Or maybe his father is upset with USC. Remember, the father expressed his frustration with USC coaches on twitter and then Michael magically started that week’s game. Or maybe Mycah Pittman and his father want a wide receiver to coach the wide receivers instead of former quarterback (Tee Martin).


3 thoughts on “Wide Receiver Mycah Pittman Does Not List USC Among Top 10 Schools

  1. Who cares? This recruiting stuff is getting snore-worthy. All i know is that USC has made Michael Pittman a star, and he’ll be a high draft pick next year. So what if they were a little cautious in bringing the kid back from ankle injury – he sure did flash during the Pac-12 title game – enough for the powers that be to take notice. He should give Helton & Martin a big fat kiss, and the younger brother should recognize the fact.


  2. Or maybe he just wants to chart his own path, away from his brother’s path? Would be quite normal for a younger brother.


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