Transfer Talk

I already have said Clay Helton thinks JT Daniels will start next season. So where does that leave Jack Sears? Will he transfer? I don’t know what Sears would do. But Helton’s said he does not think Sears will leave.

So is Helton being overconfident or does he not really care because he thinks Daniels is the Golden Child?


9 thoughts on “Transfer Talk

  1. Scott is definitely on to something here. I’ve heard that Clay laughs at Fink and Sears behind their backs, asking “who was the moron who gave these guys scholarships?”


  2. The coach thinks the incoming QB is really good, so of course Wolf instantly jumps to who might get pissed off & transfer.


  3. What I heard Helton say was right now he has two QB’s and in the summer he will have 3 and will not decide until all the practices are over. That includes the fall. So from what he said nobody is the QB yet. Daniels is everyones new toy and that he only needs to show up and he gets the job. I could see where if Fink wins out and Daniels is performing well Sears could see the writing on the wall and take off, of course you are never going to hear a USC coach say someone will leave, that is a given. But if you are a blogger and have a crush on a new kid you are going to let it slant everything you say.


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