Some Familiar Issues Surface In NIT Loss

You want to know why I’m critical of USC coach Andy Enfield? The final minute of last night’s loss to Western Kentucky was typical of tight games down the stretch during Enfield’s era.

Freshman Jordan Usher, a promising player without a doubt, launched two ill-advised 3-point shots. That was a problem when you have senior point guard Jordan McLaughlin to run the offense (what offense?).

Then USC just sort of jogged around the court without fouling in the final 20 seconds down four points.

This is USC in a nutshell: Unable to be patient on offense or ever deviate from its take-the-first-open-shot philosophy. And then disorganized on defense at the end of the game. There’s a reason USC loses so many games late. But I don’t expect Enfield to take responsibility any time soon.


4 thoughts on “Some Familiar Issues Surface In NIT Loss

  1. If SC had an AD with some balls Gap Tooth would be fired today. But SC has an AD that hands extensions to a football coach obviously in over his head


    1. I’m pretty sure Andy has come up with solid excuses for each and all of our losses….


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