USC’s NIT Dreams Ends Vs. Western Kentucky

A crowd of 2,130 showed up at the Galen Center, including Chimezie Metu sitting in the stands instead of the bench. And USC’s season mercifully ended as Western Kentucky won, 79-75 behind forward Justin Johnson’s 23 points. Elijah Stewart had 20 points in his final game at the Galen Center.

The game was decided at the free-throw line. Western Kentucky shot 94 percent (16-17) while USC shot 42 percent (8-19). Why didn’t USC foul at the end of the game?

Too bad Metu did not play. USC had a good chance to get to New York.

Why wasn’t he on the bench? Andy Enfield said it was an administration decision. Just like deciding to play in the NIT, apparently. Enfield never decides anything.


10 thoughts on “USC’s NIT Dreams Ends Vs. Western Kentucky

  1. I think Metu is a fine, fine young man. He’s worked extremely hard to earn the lasting respect [and the love] of opposing players, his coach, teammates, fans and scouts. I wish him all the very best forever & I’m sure all Trojans join me in that wish.


    1. Your a real kiss ass. Metu is a chump and a quitter which the school woke up and realized sitting him in the stands like one of the robots who accept mediocrity in the basketball program. Jordan Mac and Elijah Stewart deserve the platitudes for playing their hearts out until the end not worrying about stubbing their toes. Four years of being true Trojans.

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      1. Agreed! Metu attends USC as a student-athlete due to his skills as a basketball player. When he voluntarily revokes those skills, I believe USC should similarly revoke his scholarship.


      2. The “praise” of Metu was sarcastic. You need to re-read it, Steve B.


  2. Another horrible job of coaching by Enfield. Team led 67 – 61 late and gave it away. Thought Andy was the master of the FT where the Trojans
    were pitiful shooting around 40% for the game. What a massive crowd of barely over 2K to witness the final nail in the coffin of this team that was disgraced by scandalous behavior ( Brand & Melton ), mutiny by Metu skipping the tourney, and poor coaching with team beating no one of merit. all season especially at home. They were made a #1 seed for this NIT which was insane . Look out next season w/o Mac, Stewart, Metu, & Boatwright. Was O’Bannon possibly the worst Mc Donald’s AA ever to have such a dismal freshman year?

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  3. McLaughlin and Stewart did not quit. Usher wanted to win so badly that he played out of the system. Metu quit on his team. If he had played, they would have won the game. Too bad for the team. Thank you to the team for playing as well as they could. Good luck next season.

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