Mike Gillespie Continues Domination Over USC

UC Irvine defeated USC, 8-7, earlier this week. That meant former USC coach Mike Gillespie is 16-5 against the Trojans since he took over at Irvine. Gillespie is retiring at the end of this season.

Great decision by former USC athletic director Mike Garrett to fire Gillespie in 2006, by the way. Gillespie won an NCAA title at USC in 1998 and also won a title as a player in 1961 for the Trojans. He is one of only two people to win NCAA titles as a coach and player.


One thought on “Mike Gillespie Continues Domination Over USC

  1. The team in 2006 was pitiful after a very good 2005 losing in the Super
    Regional in the 3rd game late vs. OSU in Corvallis. The big mistake was
    being forced to hire Chad Kreuter who was Gillespie’s son-in-law to have
    Mike leave USC. The program has never been the same for now 12 years.
    All the supposed national searches for a top coach has been a sham each time. Let us see if AD Swann will wake up and smell the roses after this season if no tourney appearance to find a real head coach nationally.


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