USC-Alabama To Open 2020 Season?

Alabama is talking USC about opening the 2020 season at AT&T Stadium according to Birmingham TV/radio host Jim Dunaway.

Alabama wants to improve its schedule and is reportedly talking to Notre Dame and Texas about home-and-home series. USC probably figures 2020 is a good time to play the Crimson Tide because JT Daniels would be a junior. That’s the positive spin theory anyways. But USC needs to be a lot less sloppy than last season to play Alabama again. At least the Trojans would have a starting quarterback and not play two guys like the 2016 USC-Alabama game.


12 thoughts on “USC-Alabama To Open 2020 Season?

    1. Helton recently went on record saying “Being anywhere near Dallas brings the Trojan Football Team lots of good luck. To tell the truth —when I’m in Dallas— I feel like I’m Brer Rabbit and the whole city is my ‘laughing place.”‘

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  1. There was a time when I would have said being it on for a game matchup like this. Now however I have to say show it first. Show that USC is an elite team again and not a stumbling herd. If this season will determine anything it is if USC is almost and no cattle.


    1. Exactly, they are terrified of leaving the bible belt. I’m not sure why though, the pac 12 refs are sure to give all the help they need. USC is guaranteed to have at least 2-3 phantom personal foul calls, 1-2 game changing plays that won’t be reviewed because it would turn the game in USC’s favor, and probably many holding calls against Alabama that will be easily ignored by the refs who are looking for excuses to call PI against the defense.


  2. home & home. enough of this BS about a neutral field. It is a quasi-home game from Bama at AT&T. That stadium is a LOT closer to Bama than SC.
    PS. Agree with the comment about first confirming that SC is an elite team.


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