USC Basketball Pulls Off Masterstroke (Maybe)

Andy Enfield has hired Eric Mobley as an assistant coach. This move is being praised by USC fans because Mobley has two sons: Isaiah, a 6-foot-10 high school junior ranked a top 50 prospect in the Class of 2019. And Evan, a 6-10 forward considered one of the top players in the nation for the Class of 2020.

Now some questions:

Will Enfield be the coach by the time the Mobley brothers leave high school?

Will USC be on NCAA sanctions?

Will the FBI release more information on USC?

Will former assistant coach Tony Bland implicate anyone at USC during his federal trial?

The NCAA has not even started its investigations of several schools at the request of the FBI. So there is a lot that can happen before USC actually gets either Mobley brother.


4 thoughts on “USC Basketball Pulls Off Masterstroke (Maybe)

  1. Fortunately, USC took the high road and did not play anyone under suspicion. What the FBI does with Bland does not effect USC as far as the ncaa is involved. They were straight up about everything and did the right thing in firing Bland. Did the HC know about it? He says no. Will there be another witch hunt? Hard to say but I doubt it.


  2. My question is, can Mobley coach and recruit. There is no guarantee the son’s will play at USC. SC needs to build for the future. We need big, thick, bruiser ball players that will cause damage instead of taking the punishment. We will see


  3. In 1983 Larry Brown took over a moribund Kansas basketball team and hired an assistant named Ed Manning. Ironically, Ed’s son Danny chose KU and they went to 2 final fours and one one championship.


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