Hal Bedsole Memorial

This weekend, a memorial was held near USC for former Trojan great Hal Bedsole. a 1962 All-American and member of the 1962 national championship team. Bedsole is in the College Football Hall of Fame and USC Hall of Fame.

Among those in attendance were Bedsole’s family, including his 94-year-old mother; his high school friends; his college roommate, Brian Kennedy, who has been a large donor to USC athletic dept.; his college teammate, Tom Lupo and former USC great, tailback Anthony Davis.

Bedsole, who was 6-5, wanted to play quarterback at USC but was moved to wide receiver. An interesting story I heard from a family member was that USC was actually his third choice. He wanted to go to UCLA, which did not recruit him. Then he wanted to go to Notre Dame, which told him fellow Californian, Daryle Lamonica, would be the starting quarterback. So he wound up at USC, where he was switched to wide receiver.


One story Bedsole told me involved the 1961 spring game, where former USC players (many of whom were in the NFL) faced the current Trojans.

Bedsole played quarterback for one play and got crunched by former USC stars Marlin McKeever and Mike Henry.

“About two weeks later, I was hunched over like an old man,” Bedsole said. “I went to see a doctor and they did an X-ray. There were three holes in my stomach and they did surgery that night. It was a pretty good lick.

“There were quite a few injuries on both sides.”

Jon Arnett, a star USC tailback in the 1950’s, told me he only served as the coach in that game because he realized someone would get hurt. USC coach John McKay never had another spring game against pro players.

Below is a photo from the game:




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