The United-USC Relationship Gets Better And Better

USC has appointed Oscar Munoz, the CEO of United Airlines, to the Board of Trustees. Munoz and his wife are USC graduates. So that is a positive.

Now for the negative: United Airlines? Really? Remember, Munoz was widely criticized for his response to a passenger being forcibly removed from a flight in Chicago. You can relive that here.

Last month, it was revealed that United led all airlines in animal deaths. This came to light after a dog died after being placed in an overhead bin.

But hey, no worries, United is paying $70 million to USC for the naming rights to the Coliseum. It’s just amazing USC would not delay the announcement a little longer since 75 percent of all animal deaths on U.S. carriers were on United flights.

What’s next? Appointing someone from Facebook to the board?

9 thoughts on “The United-USC Relationship Gets Better And Better

  1. I don’t see the big deal here. I just flew United and the plane landed safely. I even got a free diet coke. I may have my foot amputated because I was so cramped I couldn’t move it for three hours, but think about my complaints with the coliseum. Cramped broken seats are s favorite of mine.


  2. Scooter, when the person was pulled off the plane, that was a lower management decision. As far as dogs and animals are concerned flying in a plane, if the snowflakes need them that bad, then maybe the snowflakes should stay home or have the snowflakes buy a ticket for the animal so they would have a seat. Or just ship them in the cargo section. I don’t want to have to deal with a flea bitten mutt with rabies that has the potential to bite my ankle on the plane.


  3. Wolf is OK with Zuckerberg when it comes to allowing Obummer’s team ti mine his date, well yours, but when a Trump ally does it then Zuckerberg should be thrown in jail


  4. Gotta like the Wolfster. Once in a blue moon her writes something intriguging. Most times, it is fun to make critical comments on his blog. You have the best of both worlds.


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